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Wellness Wednesday Kuel Life Breath Series: Part One

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Mindful Breathing Category Expert: Nancy Candea

Welcome to the Wellness Wednesday Mindful Breathing Series. Kuel Life is thrilled to welcome Nancy Candea to the roster of experts this month.

Nancy will be sharing a series, only on Kuel Life, on breathing techniques. Breathing is a Mindfulness practice and promotes Health! We hope you enjoy this series of simple and effective breathing exercises. Download your quick guide on ways to improve your breath work.

Introduction To The Kuel Life Breath Series Part One:

Our breath is our fundamental connection to life. The oxygen that we inhale fuels our internal organs and our exhale is our most effective toxin cleanse. In other words, our breath changes when we experience different emotions, activities, and even thinking processes. The exciting thing is that we can also affect our emotions, health, and thinking processes by working on our breath.

Easy breathing practices can be a part of your morning or bedtime routines. In the Kuel Life Wellness Wednesday Mindful Breathing Series we will go over a number of different breathing techniques. Some breathing techniques calm the mind and body, some can energize and help us feel more productive. I learned many of these breathing practices from ancient texts on yoga philosophy and teachers who have passed down their traditions. Some of these techniques are more modern and some I made up to help my clients. I am curious to know which ones will be your favorite!


Download Wellness Wednesday Breath Work: Part One

Nancy Candea

About the Author:

An activist in the global health revolution, Nancy is committed to practicing the best version of herself every day, and to using her talents to contribute to the upliftment of humankind. Nancy teaches the therapeutic techniques from yoga – like breath work – to help her clients with recovery from addiction, trauma, and chronic pain. You can find out more about Nancy at NancyCandea.com or Nancy Candea on Facebook and Instagram