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What Is Deuterium Depleted Water And Why Should I Be Drinking It?

Mina Chassler April 2023

All About Water: Mina Chassler

Before we jump into Deuterium Depleted Water and its benefits, let’s get a handle on Deuterium itself.

What Is Deuterium?

Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen. However, unlike normal hydrogen, Deuterium has an extra neutron that doubles its atomic mass. It can fit into any space that a regular hydrogen atom can fit, thus it can be found in the water we drink and the food we eat.

Our bodies need some deuterium to grow cells – however, too much deuterium is toxic to the body. Elevated levels of deuterium in our bodies make us age faster and can cause higher rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease.

When we are young and healthy, our bodies naturally deplete deuterium. Humans, plants and animals maintain around 100 ppm in healthy tissues. However, aging and illness inhibits our ability to deplete our own deuterium. Poor water quality, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices can also lead to an over-abundance of deuterium that our body cannot handle.

Isotopic Shock:

One of the best ways to help our bodies sequester and remove Deuterium is by drinking Deuterium Depleted Water!

“For maintenance, wellness purposes, and to potentially slow down aging..”

Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) is water which has a lower concentration of deuterium than occurs naturally at sea level on earth. Most water we drink, even natural spring water, has a deuterium level of around 150+ ppm/liter. Different scientists define DDW, sometimes called “light water”, differently, but depending on if its manufactured or found naturally, DDW can range from 5 – 140ppm/liter. 

Drinking DDW removes deuterium from the body through a process called isotopic shock. The lower the deuterium depletion the faster it removes deuterium from the body, but the higher the cost. Drinking heavily depleted DDW  (25 -105ppm/L) as the sole means of hydration for 2 weeks can cost anywhere from $300 – $3000+.

Increased Longevity And Lack Of Illness:

For maintenance, wellness purposes, and to potentially slow down aging, it’s recommended people use water with 125 -136 ppm/L long-term.

Moreover. in his book, Defeating Cancer! The Biological Effect of Deuterium Depletion, Gabor Somlyai, a Hungarian biologist writes “When the Hunza people of northern Pakistan were investigated for their increased longevity and lack of illness it was determined that the deuterium content of their water, from the glaciers of Mt. Ultar, was about 133ppm, a deviation of 16% from the 155ppm global standard. And that is the reason we now know that even a slight depletion of deuterium has a great biological benefit.”

Research starting in the late 1990s into the biological effects of drinking DDW has resulted in groundbreaking discoveries:

The Following Is A List Of Some Of The Benefits Of Drinking Deuterium Depleted Water:

In 1999, Deuterium Depleted Water was registered as an anti-cancer treatment after research studies showed drinking it induced complete or partial tumor regression in dogs and cats. Chickens drinking DDW led to a 50% decrease in mortality and near doubling in egg production. Experiments with mice drinking DDW revealed increase life expectancy and increase in sexual activity.

In addition. more and more naturopathic doctors are recommending Deuterium Depleted water as part of their protocol.  And with so much information coming out about the benefits of drinking it, soon Deuterium Depleted Water will be on everyone’s lips ~ in more ways than one!

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About the Author:

A native Angeleno, Mina Chassler is no stranger to the water issues that are affecting more and more people every day. However, Mina really became immersed in the water world in 2018 when she was tapped to join Michael Hobson on his mission to bring a unique healing water to market. Thus began a five-year long deep dive into water and its importance to our health and wellbeing.