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4 Easy To Do At Home Exercises Using Your Lebert Bars

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Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our workout routine. These Lebert Equalizer bars add a different component and are fun to play around with. They also help you put less pressure on joints, like shoulders and knees, if you have issues or discomfort.
There are LOTS of great exercises you can do with them. Here are just a few suggestions. These are also great because they help you put less pressure on areas like your shoulders, knees, and feet.
Since woman over 45 usually want to work on those flabby arms, the first exercises I recommend are geared towards toning the triceps.


Facing towards the bars, put your hands on the foam pads, toes a couple of inches from the base, and scraping your arms against your sides press your chest toward the bars. Keep your tummy tucked and your legs solid and flexed. Only go as far as you can so that you can push back up. You should feel your triceps working.

DIPS – facing away from the bars, put your hands on the pads, beginners bend your knees, and dip down and up, focusing on pushing up with your triceps. For a more advanced move straighten your legs OR lift one leg at a time.


Chest strength and upper body strength can also be a struggle for women over 40. Usually doing pull-ups is out of the question, too difficult, or too much strain on our shoulders. This offers a better way.

Lay in between the bars and reach up and grip the bars. Feet planted on the floor with knees, bent at a 90 degree angle. Pull yourself up and down. You should feel this in your chest and arms.


Abs are another area that most women over 45 struggle with or want to tone and tighten.


Stand in between the bars, hold yourself up and with bent knees swing your legs back and forth, sort of like you’re running.

These are a great addition to your WO (workout) room. There is a LOT more that you can do as well. Be sure to check out the Kuel Shop on Kuel Life to get yours today! I  highly recommend the pink ones :)!!!

Want to see it all in ACTION? Check out this amazing workout video!

Risa is one of Kuel Life’s Coaches. You can read more about her and work directly with her as well.

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