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I’m here to help because I was in that busy, no time for me zone just a little while ago.

I was a high school teacher for 21 years who attempted to do everything for everybody. I was frustrated, depressed, and critical of everybody and everything, especially myself. I was just an unhappy person!

At the age of 48, I got fed up with how I looked, how I felt and said “enough is enough”.

I found a way to lose over 20 pounds, go from a frustrated and depressed person who ate pop tarts and toaster strudels, to a positive, happy person who now eats clean in an easy and sustainable way. I’ve also gotten my husband off his cholesterol and acid reflux medicine, and currently help other women over 40 regain control of their health.

what i offer

12 Week Total Health Package

Get ready to finally hit those health goals that you’ve been trying to reach for years. This total health transformation program will get you the results you’ve been looking to achieve. When you have someone guiding you and showing you the steps to take it’s easier and faster to get the results you want. This […]

7 Day Sugar Detox

Sugar IS one of the most addictive foods we consume. It’s stealing our energy, causing so many health issues that we don’t realize, and making us age. YES ladies it’s speeding up the aging process – so drop that donut! Kick sugar to the curb with this 7 day sugar detox where you’ll not only […]

6 Week Jumpstart Your Health Program

It’s time to make massive changes and stop gaining and losing the same 10 lbs, having no energy, and yo-yo dieting. This program WILL have you making changes with the support of a coach who’s been in your shoes, with tools to make your life easier, and accountability that you need to actually transform your […]

Free 15 minute health check- bring some clarity to your wellness needs!

Package Choices


$697/for 6 weeks

Prior to the 1st session you’ll receive a goal and health assessment to fill out so that on our first call we’ll be able to dive right in to actions and solutions.

  • FIVE 60 min video chat coaching sessions
  • PERSONAL plan based on your needs & goals
  • CLEAR action steps & how to implement them
  • WORKSHEETS for pantry staples, healthy substitutes & anti-inflammatory food list
  • BONUS 30 min meal prep session where we'll plan out a week of meals together


$997/for 12 weeks

We will review nutrition and gut health and I will give you info on what to look for when shopping. We will also set morning rituals to start your day off positively and evening rituals for good, restful sleep.

  • TWELVE 60 min video chat coaching sessions
  • CUSTOMIZED health plan & setting of goals
  • VOXER privileges for daily access to me
  • WEEKLY food journal review & how to improve
  • WORKSHEETS for pantry staples, healthy substitutes & anti-inflammatory food list


Thank you Risa, I couldn’t believe that when I started following you on IG that you would help me increase my motivation with not just eating correctly and exercising,  but with a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are huge and sometimes hard to navigate on a daily basis. Having the motivation and the accountability to someone even if it was just myself, was a daily struggle. I thank you for helping me be accountable to you (as a coach) and to myself most importantly. I no longer struggle with eating healthy everyday of the week. You are extremely motivating and I looked forward to meeting with you even when we were not scheduled to meet! Thanks for all of the support. No more trying I am doing! 

Cammy C.

You put the wellness of your clients first and work with them to find the plan/method that works best for them. You spent time getting to know my personal challenges and goals to try to work with me to help me succeed. You have helped me by checking in with me in the way that suited my personality & needs. You have given me some great ideas that i can work into my life like the jarred salad, and also great recipes like the homemade clean chocolate.


Candace L.

Risa Lynch…I was thinking of you as I am cleaning out my kitchen cupboards….throwing away my powdered sugar, pure sugar, and my prepackaged fruit and cream oatmeal packs (which I thought was healthy at one time but is not because of all the added sugar) Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, and supporting me on this low to no added sugar lifestyle change!  


Jean B.

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