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Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be


The Let Go – Personal Musings: Charisse Glenn Every minute of every day, we are aging. It’s inevitable. While many embrace the process, others resist. To become who we are meant to be, we must let go of who we once were. Consider a rose. Imagine if the bud were its full expression. If we […]

There Is No Greater Virus Than Fear

Akaisha Kaderli May 2020

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli We have a choice; living a life of fear, or one of hope and optimism. Fear Dwelling on fears clouds the mind. It creates anxiety, emotional contraction, judgment of others and it becomes difficult to make a clear decision about anything. Moving forward becomes arduous because there is so much doubt. […]

What I’ve Learned & Hope To Remember

Claudia Hufham April 2020

Lifestyle Kuel Life Contributor: Claudia Hufham  I am, as I suppose everyone is, a work in progress. Continuously working on the reinvention of Claudia. But let me tell you, during this hunker down, stay in place, quarantine situation that we’ve all found ourselves in, I have learned a lot about myself. Not only have I […]

Simple & Proven Ways To Reduce The Stress Response & Boost The Immune System

Deb Gutierrez April 2020

It is close to impossible not to think, talk, and feel stress today among the current COVID19 pandemic. I invite you to take a step back, keep strong, have compassion (including self-compassion), understand the signs of stress, know you are not alone with your feelings, remember it is ok to “lose it,” and most importantly, […]

Transitioning In An Unsettling Time

Nancy Tepper

Transitions Kuel Category Expert: Nancy Tepper I am a life coach and I specialize in helping people who are transitioning. Usually this transition is positive as I help people pivot to their “next chapter.” Now we must focus on transition that isn’t positive and has been thrust into our lives. Transitioning and adjusting to this […]

7 Simple & Effective Steps To Declutter Relationships

Kay Newton

Connection Kuel Category Expert: Kay Newton Marie Kondo, the decluttering queen has influenced many lives when it comes to the contents of wardrobes, yet did you know an annual spring clean of your connections and relationships will also create space in your life? March is the perfect time to declutter and discard items that no […]

Synchronicity Or Serendipity?

Claudia Hufham

Lifestyle Kuel Life Contributor: Claudia Hufham  Some people are of the mindset that everything happens for a reason. Every person we meet has a role in our life. Some will teach us lessons, not to change us, but to make us a better person. They believe there are no coincidences. Others think that things that […]

Being Brave Enough To Admit I’m Stuck

Kim Friedman Landau

Lifestyle Kuel Life Contributor: Kim Friedman Landau I am stuck. Four half written blogs on my computer, five more being written in my head all day (especially in the shower!) and I have not been able to get into my flow. I promised Jack, and hence all of you Kuel women, my monthly musings on […]