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Amazing Guided Four-Week Cleanse To Try Right Now

Cleanses and detox have emanated from naturopathic origins. For many of us, the concept of a detox is directly linked to treating serious medical conditions such as; alcohol poisoning or drug addiction. However, in homeopathic circles, a cleanse is rooted in a movement to ‘eat clean’ thereby helping our body flush out toxins.

“The terms “detox” and “cleanse” are mostly used interchangeably, and most plans fall into one of three major categories: those that replace solid food with liquid sustenance (juices, smoothies, or soups, sometimes with herbal supplements thrown in); those that claim to support your body’s natural detoxification systems by supplying nutrients that boost liver and kidney function; and those that focus on cleansing your digestive system from the opposite end, the colon.” – EveryDay Health, Jill Waldbieser

Actively changing our diet and self-care for a period of time can ‘re-set’ us. As we all know, too much caffeine, alcohol, and sugar (to name a few culprits) can wreak havoc on our systems. Kuel Coach, Kristen Polzien, offers a four-week cleanse in which we can participate without having to travel or alter drastically our daily lives. Kristen captains a guided, four-week virtual process which includes weekly group meetings via Zoom for very important peer support.
In this Kristen’s Four Week Seasonal Cleanse, you will:

  • Recover your digestion through nourishing and flexible meal plans
  • Revitalize your energy through breath and body exercises
  • Refresh your spirit through mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Restore your sleep through clearing and calming evening rituals
  • Rejuvenate your immune system through soothing sense organ care habits

Kristen speaks to all us Kuel Women about her Seasonal Cleanse in the enclosed video.