Spring Cleaning Using Bicarbonate Soda

bicarbonate soda spring cleaning

Simplicity & Connection Thought Leader –  Kay Newton Spring has sprung and here in Spain we are all busy changing wardrobes, painting and varnishing anything that does not move.  Spring […]

Unveiling The Transformative Benefits Of Self-Pleasure


Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone It is Masturbation May. I dislike the word masturbation as it has so many negative connotations. The root of the word means to hurt oneself with […]

12 Steps To Achieve The Life You Deserve

landscape of the life you deserve

The Let Go – Personal Musings: Charisse Glenn “The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.”― Unknown The Life We Deserve: We all want a […]

Fitness And Health Goals Are Attainable – Meet Lesley McShane

Lesley McShane Interview May 2023

Lesley McShane is an advocate for all things midlife health and wellness. She is a podcaster, writer, author, and ACSM certified personal trainer. Kuel Life is thrilled to welcome Lesly […]

Coincidences And The Energy Spectrum: Unveiling The 7 Levels

levels of energy

It’s My Time Now: Kavita Ahuja Have you ever wondered how uncanny things sometimes happen in your life – which we often refer to as “coincidences”? “If you believe this […]

Why Use Your Five Senses At Every Meal

five senses

Healthy Living Strategies Kuel Category Expert: Diana Devi As women we embrace our unique personalities and skills. Activities That Awaken Our Five Senses: If you are an entrepreneur, you built […]

Turn Back Time, 10 Ways To Reduce Your Biological Age

Biological Age

Biological age and chronological age are two distinct concepts that refer to different aspects of a person’s aging process. Chronological age is simply the number of years that have passed since a person’s birth, while biological age reflects the physiological state of the body and its overall health and vitality. The Two Can Differ: “Understanding […]

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Learn How To Mother Yourself

mother yourself

Midlife Reinvention Thought Leader: Yvonne Marchese In the month of May, my thoughts turn to our recent Mother’s Day.  It’s one of those holidays that can be tricky. It’s filled […]

10 Ways To Uplevel Your Life-Force With Food


Holistic Healing Thought Leader: Carol Lee The food we eat affects our energy levels, this is obvious. Invisible Life-Force Energy: The more nourishing food we eat the healthier we feel. […]