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Ditching the Expected Western Lifestyle for the Digital Nomad Path

Kay Newton July 2023 2

Simplicity & Connection Thought Leader –  Kay Newton

Life after 45 is an exciting phase.

It can be a true crossroads in life, where individuals seek new experiences and strive for a simpler, more fulfilling existence. One unconventional lifestyle gaining popularity among this demographic is that of a digital nomad.

Embracing the freedom and flexibility of a location-independent career, allows women to break free from the constraints of the traditional Western lifestyle. The concept of simplifying life after 45, and becoming a digital nomad can offer a refreshing alternative for women who find themselves at a crossroads, single or divorced at this stage.

“One of the first steps towards simplifying life after 45 is embracing minimalism and decluttering.”

Embrace Minimalism and Decluttering:

One of the first steps towards simplifying life after 45 is embracing minimalism and decluttering. Over the years, we tend to accumulate material possessions that can burden us both physically and mentally. We can also gain limiting beliefs and other mental block that will need removing before a new lifestyle can be embraced.

By adopting a minimalist mindset, internally and externally, we can focus on what truly matters. And let go of unnecessary possessions. This process not only lightens the load but also clears space for new experiences and opportunities.

Transition to a Location-Independent Career:

A crucial aspect of simplifying life after 45 as a digital nomad is transitioning to a location-independent career. Thanks to technological advancements, remote work options have become increasingly prevalent. With years of experience, skills, and an open mindset, women at this mid stage of life, can create careers allowing them to work from anywhere in the world.

This newfound freedom offers the opportunity to choose one’s ideal work-life balance. Spend more time visiting loved ones, and to explore new cultures and destinations.

For those women in their 60’s who have already retired the nomadic lifestyle is on the increase as well. As the burden of cost of living and mortgage rates increase, more and more women are turning to living in mobile home accommodation.

Financial Flexibility and Cost of Living:

The digital nomad lifestyle can provide financial flexibility and potentially lower the cost of living. By embracing a location-independent career/life, women can choose destinations where the cost of living is lower than their home country, allowing them to stretch their budget and potentially save more money.

Moreover, this newfound financial freedom can alleviate stress. And provide the means to explore new places, engage in meaningful experiences, or invest in personal passions and interests.

The possibility to immerse oneself in different cultures and gain new perspectives by traveling to different destinations allows women to break free from their comfort zones. As you expand your horizons, engage with diverse communities, and experience different customs, you nurture personal growth, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world. Plus, you have the possibility to feel young at heart again.

“In addition, think about how you will establish your support system.”

Kimberley’s Story:

Kimberley had the opportunity to work in Kenya for six months. This is what she learned…

“I was probably the oldest person who sat in the co-working office and at first it felt uncomfortable. The young people around me had so much energy and passion and I soon felt it rubbing off on me. It was as if my aching bones and stagnant brain cells were a thing of the past. I was nicknamed ‘Bibi’ which means grandmother and loved that everyone had respect for me and felt confident to tap into my ‘old’ knowledge.”

Pitfalls and Your Digital Support System:

While embracing a digital nomad lifestyle can be liberating, it’s is essential for due diligence before you embark on leaving your home behind. This lifestyle is not for everyone. Become informed – take a look at a related Nomadic article at Nifty Nomads, that gives valuable insights and information specifically for women over 45.

In addition, think about how you will establish your support system. How will you stay connected with family, friends? How long will you be away from home? The more questions you can find answers to will answer expectations.

Finding fellow digital nomads will help combat feelings of isolation and provide a sense of belonging will become important, yet you must be willing to make new connections. Online communities, social media groups, and co-working spaces cater specifically to digital nomads, fostering a supportive network where experiences, tips, and challenges can be shared.

“In a fast-paced world, cultivating mindfulness and gratitude becomes even more crucial.”

Prioritize Health and Wellness:

Simplifying life after 45 as a digital nomad goes beyond the professional aspect; it also involves prioritizing health and wellness. Be Sensibly Selfish and put yourself first. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and self-care routines should be integrated into the nomadic lifestyle.

It is not always easy to find accommodation where you can create healthy meals. Exploring local cuisines, engaging in outdoor activities, and practicing mindfulness can contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life on the road.

Cultivate Mindfulness and Gratitude:

In a fast-paced world, cultivating mindfulness and gratitude becomes even more crucial. As a digital nomad, embracing the present moment, appreciating the journey, and practicing gratitude for the opportunities that come your way can enhance overall well-being. Being mindful of the experiences, connections, and personal growth gained during this phase can enrich the transition and simplify life after 45.

Be Sensibly Selfish:

Ditching the expected Western lifestyle after 45 and embarking on the digital nomad path is a transformative journey. By becoming Sensibly Selfish, embracing minimalism, transitioning to a location-independent career, establishing a digital support system, prioritizing health and wellness, and cultivating mindfulness and gratitude, individuals can create a simpler, more fulfilling life on their terms.

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Kay Newton

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Kay is the founder of Midlife Strategies, an award-winning International Speaker, and enthusiastic author. She is an acknowledged expert guiding women to find their mojo, through the Midlife Squeeze.

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