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Experience Midlife Like Never Before: Embrace Agelessness Today

Beverley Glazer September 2023

Time To Reinvent: Beverley Glazer

In a world that often equates aging with limitations, it’s time to defy those expectations!

Whether you’ve faced setbacks, job losses, or health challenges, I believe that your age should not be a barrier to a life of fulfillment and boundless possibilities in midlife and way beyond.

Shattered Age-Related Stereotypes:

First, the notion that you should slow down or retire, just because society dictates it has got to go!

“I believe that only you should be the one to decide how you want to embrace your own journey.”

I believe that only you should be the one to decide how you want to embrace your own journey.

Many women, throughout the ages have shattered age-related stereotypes and let nothing hold them back. Women like Jane Goodall, Oprah Winfrey, and Maya Angelou, are living examples that age is no barrier to an purposeful and exhilarating life.

You may be struggling to find a job when you’re over 50 or you may need to slow down for health reasons; or you may be feeling alone, or without purpose after the kids have grown and gone, this is not the end. It allows you a new beginning.  You’ve done the heavy lifting; built a career, raised a family, taken care of aging parents and so much more.

Age Is Not A Reason:

Now is your time! It’s a chance to pivot, explore new horizons, and have the opportunity to find your purpose and do what you are you’re really meant to do.

Age is not a reason to give up on your dreams; it’s a reason to pursue them even stronger because there’s a lack of time. If you find yourself unsure of what’s next for you, here are three tips that will help you:

1.Connect with like-minded women who are the defying norms and paving and creating their own paths. They’ll inspire you.

2. Surround yourself with a tribe of strong, passionate women who motivate you to keep pushing boundaries. These are your people and they are there to support you.

“Age is not a reason to give up on your dreams”

3. Celebrate your accomplishments, both big and small, and embrace even the slightest changes. Look back on how far you’ve come, not only where you want to go.

Embrace Your Age With Joy:

Remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you have the candle that keeps lighting your way.

Once you’ve reached midlife, you’re a survivor and your stories can fuel your own journey and discover the excitement of a passionate new life. Are you ready to jumpstart your new adventure? Here’s how to shift your life from “Fine” to “Fabulous”. Your purpose awaits you, and your passion is within you. Don’t wait a moment longer. Embrace your age with joy and allow your journey to unfold in radiant brilliance today!

I, myself, receive boundless inspiration from the fabulous women I have had the privilege of interviewing on my weekly podcast “Aging with Purpose and Passion.” They share their remarkable stories of resilience, determination, transformation, and self-discovery. Might it inspire you?

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About the Author:

Beverley Glazer MA., CCC., ICCAC, is a Psychotherapist, Internationally Certified Addiction Specialist, Coach and Founder of Reinvent Impossible Inc; a personal development company that educates, coaches, and empowers women who’ve experienced life transitions, that left them feeling powerless, to build on their strengths, create new possibilities and get the fresh start they long for.

After 30 years in private practice, helping people through traditional therapy, she turned her attention to coaching; supporting and creating programs for women in midlife and beyond, who’ve had an extreme wake-up call, to unlock their potential, get grounded and focused and carve a clear pathway to the future, with grace and ease. Download the free Life Perspective Inventory: https://reinventimpossible1.lpages.co/life-perspective-inventory Discover the eight areas that you need, to make your life more joyful.