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Fall 2021 Drugstore Makeup Look For Older Women


Beauty Expert: Elise Marquam-Jahns

Fall, 2021, is all about bold lip colors, statement eyes and vibrant shades: deep red or berry lips and jewel tones.

“The fall-inspired peach, coral, orange, rust and red-orange blush and lipstick colors look great on those of us.”

Drugstore Makeup Products:

So in today’s video, I’m going to try out a fun look with these gorgeous colors using some really good quality drugstore makeup products.

And by the way, one of the things that’s wonderful about fall is that no matter what the undertone of our skin is – whether it’s cool, warm or neutral, there are fantastic lip and cheek colors that will work for each of us. The fall-inspired peach, coral, orange, rust, and red-orange blush and lipstick colors look great on those of us. With a warm undertone and the blue-reds, burgundies, berry and violet lip, and blush shades look marvelous on those of us with a cool undertone.

If you fall into the neutral category, you can wear lighter versions of most of these colors. If you’re unsure of the undertone of your skin, be sure to watch this video. In it, I guide you through nine questions you can ask that can help you determine the undertone of your skin:

I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base:

In today’s video, I’ve already done my skincare prep, applied my eye primer and filled in my brows. I used the eye primer from Essence called “I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base,” Elf’s amazing $3.00 Instant Lift Brow Pencil. I also use Almay’s brow styler, a tinted gel that helps my wiry brow hairs stay in place.

And I applied a very small amount of my Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Translucent Setting Powder over my eye shadow primer just to make the eyeshadow glide on a little more easily. If you’re a beginner with eyeshadow, it’s especially helpful to apply a little translucent powder before applying eyeshadow.

“Instead of focusing on our skin undertone for the best eyeshadow colors for our eyes.”

Best Eyeshadow Colors:

Now let’s move on to eyeshadow. Instead of focusing on our skin undertone for the best eyeshadow colors for our eyes, we need to look at the colors that are complementary to our eye color. Because complementary colors will really make our eyes pop. So today I’m sharing with you colors from seven different eyeshadow palettes that work beautifully to highlight different eye colors.

The eyeshadow palettes are from Bh Cosmetics, Colourpop, and Juvia’s Place. Although these palettes can’t be purchased at the drugstore, they are drugstore-priced eyeshadows. Eyeshadow palettes from all three of these brands can be purchased on their company’s website (which often have amazing sales) and at Ulta.

I would rank BH Cosmetics, Colourpop and Juvia’s Place as having three of the top five eyeshadow formulas, period. They’re wonderfully pigmented, glide on so easily, and blend in beautifully.

Beautiful Color Stories:

In today’s video, I’m going to be working from two palettes that have beautiful color stories. The *Passion in Paris Bh Cosmetics palette and the *Cabana Club palette from Colourpop.

I’m going to be using colors that work well with my brown eyes (primarily burgundies and deep blues). Other colors that are gorgeous for brown eyes are: green and gold, violet, and mulberry. But before I do my eyeshadow I want to mention some palettes that would work beautifully for blue, green, hazel, and grey eyes.

Complementary colors for blue eyes are shades of neutral beiges and browns. Terra-cotta shades, colors with a hint of orange and golds and deeper browns. The Bh Cosmetics Summer in St. Tropez palette has some gorgeous colors in these tones.

Absolutely Stunning:

For green eyes, complementary shades that look beautiful are purples and pinks. In addition you can use, burgundy, wine, plum, lilac, and copper. There are some beautiful lilac shades in this Bh Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin Palette and some burgundy and wine colors in the *Passion in Paris Palette. And there are some stunning copper colors in the Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette.

Be sure to check out Elise’s YouTube channel which specifically focuses on makeup tips, techniques, and product reviews for those of us 45+. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Colors that make hazel eyes pop are golden shades, warm bronzes and browns. And if you have hazel eyes and want to bring out the greens and golds, try bronze or eggplant, periwinkle, light purple and pale pink. For bronze and gold colors the Juvia’s Place Warrior palette is absolutely stunning. And the Bh Cosmetics’ Blueberry Muffin  palette has some lovely periwinkle colors.

And for grey eyes, shades of blue, green or brown are stunning. The browns in the Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette would be beautiful as would the blue and green in this Colorpop Lush Life Palette.

“To finish, I’ll use some of the gorgeous blue called “Montemarte”.”

My Transition Shade:

I’m going to go ahead and start my eyeshadow application by using the lightest shade from the Juvia’s Place Warrior Two palette (Called ZAZ) all over my lid, under the arch of my brow and on my inner corner.

Next, I’m going to dive into the Bh Cosmetics Passion in Paris palette. I’m starting off with a light beige color called “Notre Dame”. As my transition shade for my crease area and outer lid and will use the burgundy colors of “Pompidou” and “Grand Palais” on the outer part of the crease and the outer lid. To finish, I’ll use some of the gorgeous blue called “Montemarte”. And a stunning blue called “Pool Party” from the Colourpop Cabana Club palette.

For my eyeliner, I’m going to use a dark brown called “Mino” from Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette. To make the center of my eyes pop a bit, I’m going to apply the shade “Moremi” from the Juvia’s Place Warrior palette which is a gorgeous metallic.

“I have to admit that I haven’t found a drugstore face primer that I’m wild about.”

Two Of My Drugstore Favorites:

Next, I’m going to apply face primer and foundation. I have to admit that I haven’t found a drugstore face primer that I’m wild about. So today I’m going to come as close as I can to a drugstore price with the very smallest version of Benefit’s the Porefessional Hydrating Primer–which I love– and which costs $13.00.

Next comes the foundation. I’m combining two of my drugstore favorites. To get the color and the type of finish that I want. I’ll be using  Catrice’s True Skin Hydrating Foundation in “Cool Rose” which has more of a matte finish. And L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation in “Rose Ivory” which has a slightly dewy finish. These really work beautifully together.

Color Correct The Dark Circles:

Next up is concealer. I like to do my under eye area first. By applying a very small amount of Elf’s Hydrating Camo Concealer in “Light Peach” just to color correct the dark circles under my eyes.

Then, I’m going to tap over the Light Peach color with Elf’s Hydrating Camo Hydrating Concealer in “Fair Beige.” This color is slightly lighter than my foundation. Next,  I’m also going to dot on the L’Oreal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer in “Ivory” to get a little more coverage for my age spots. To set the under-eye area so it won’t crease, I’m going to very lightly apply some of the Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Translucent powder.

Now for eyeliner under my eyes. I need to go in and add a medium beige color eyeshadow as my eyeliner on the outer third of my under-eye area. I’m also going to add a touch of the blue color I used for eyeliner above my eye—“Montmarte”—from the Passion in Paris palette.

“The moisturizer also helps tone down the color just a bit.”

Mascara That Works:

I haven’t yet found a drugstore mascara that works for my very sensitive eyes, so I used my Tarte “Lights, Camera, Lashes” on my top lashes and Clinique’s “Bottom Lash Mascara” on my bottom lashes.

For my cream contour, I’m combining the two darkest shades from the Elf Cream Contour Palette and then I’m going to apply my blush. I’m actually going to use lipstick for my blush color. It’s Loreal’s Age Perfect lipstick in “Pinot Noir” which isn’t quite as dark as the lipstick I’ll be using, but it is in the same color family. Since this is quite a dark shade to use as a blush, I’m going to take a very small amount. I then put it on the back of my hand and then mix it with some moisturizer so it will glide on more easily. And the moisturizer also helps tone down the color just a bit.

My highlighter comes next. I’m using Wet ‘n Wild’s Megaglow “Hello Halo” Liquid Highlighter in “Halo, Goodbye.” Since this is very glowy, I’m going to put some on the back of my hand and pick a little up with my damp sponge and lightly pat it on.

“I’m applying the gloss I have that comes closest to a drugstore gloss.”

Perfect Burgundy:

Lipstick will finish off the look. I’m applying my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in “Light” around the edge of my lips so I can more easily overline my bottom lip (so it will look larger) with my L’Oreal Age Perfect lip liner in “Perfect Burgundy.”

The concealer also helps keep my lipstick from migrating into fine lines around my mouth. My lipstick is L’Oreal’s Age Perfect lipstick in “Perfect Burgundy.” And over the lipstick, I’m applying the gloss I have that comes closest to a drugstore gloss. It’s Sephora’s Glossed Lip Gloss which costs $10.00.  The color I’m applying is “Regal.”

Inspiration To Create Your Own:

And we’re done. It’s so much fun to try out some different colors with the changing of the season and I hope today’s article and video will give you some inspiration to create your own fall makeup look.

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About the Author:

Elise Marquam-Jahns is a professional, working makeup-artist who is passionate about helping women 45+ get their glow back. In addition to her work as a makeup artist for a major cosmetics line, she founded Boomer and Beyond Beauty. Be sure to check out Elise’s YouTube channel which specifically focuses on makeup tips, techniques, and product reviews for those of us 45+. Don’t forget to subscribe! Elise is also an author and speaker and hosts Normandale Community College’s monthly Learning Well Edge Talk Radio show where she interviews experts in the field of health and wellness.