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Five Reasons To Start A Passion Project In Midlife

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Transitions Kuel Thought Leader: Nancy Tepper

Calling all women in their “next stage” who are trying to figure out what they need to add to their lives for personal growth.

Five Reasons Why You Need To Start A Passion Project:

I am not talking about a professional pivot. But something you always wanted to do that will rock your soul and keep you excited. It could be a new idea that has recently inspired you. Or, it could also be something you have been thinking about for a long time and didn’t have the wherewithal or the mojo to pursue. 

“It also increases your overall happiness.”

If you haven’t thought about starting a passion project, here are five reasons why you need to start thinking about one now!

1.) It Helps You Believe In Yourself, Have Fun, And Find Happiness:

A passion project is a voluntary decision. You are pursuing it because it resonates with your personal interests. Starting a project that is 100% on your own terms and that you have full control over gives you a sense of agency about your own life. It also increases your overall happiness.

It keeps you focused, and engages your mind. And if it’s a business idea, can hopefully generate some cash! Also, unlike so many other things in our lives, you have full autonomy over a passion project. So your success is determined by the terms you set.

2.) Creative Juices Flow And Stress Levels Are Decreased:

How fun is it to create something? A passion project lets us activate our brain’s creative and innovative thinking. Creative expression in any form makes life more fun and indulges a part of all of us that we often don’t express. Learn to paint, sing, draw, write, act, dance, or bird watch just because it’s fun!

Giving time in life for creative expression is something we all need but often ignore. Being creative can put you in a state of “flow” which can release serotonin and make you feel more relaxed. When you find a passion project that you love to do, you will reap many benefits that you weren’t expecting along the way. 

3.) Meet New People And Maybe Even Start A Business:

When you develop a new interest, it automatically exposes you to more people. You get to learn new things, and you set up new challenges for yourself. Your passion project may end up being a new career path for you and makes you a more interesting person and potentially a better conversationalist.

“You never know until you try. It’s the journey, not the goal, that makes us feel good.”

For example, if you love baking you may end up turning it into a small business for yourself. Or, you may find you have a knack for flower arrangements and start to find customers who like what you do. You never know until you try. It’s the journey, not the goal, that makes us feel good. It is also a great way to find growth as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Also, there are no judgments because this endeavor belongs solely to yourself and you get to decide what success looks like throughout the process.

4.) You Develop A Sense Of Purpose And Learn How To Think:

We have all heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” When you start to pursue something that inspires you, you rely on knowledge that you already have but build on it to apply it to another skill set.

A person can easily learn how to do things they have never done before by watching YouTube, Googling information, or by networking with others who have the same passions. There really is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. Yes, there will be learning along the way, but that can be fun if you remain committed to the process and non-judgmental. Also, walk through one door and another door will open in your life.

5.) Passion Projects Can Release Endorphins And Build On Your Strengths:

In a world where we are bogged down in our everyday lives, it is so great to have a new activity that inspires us, that we look forward to, that we feel proud about with family and friends and that makes us feel good about ourselves.

When we are doing an activity that we love or are really interested in, it lets us relax and restores that sense of purpose that may be missing in our lives. It makes us feel relevant and alive and can give us pride and something to wake up excited to do. 

Now Is The Time:

I encourage all of us to take a risk and start a passion project on something we’ve been thinking about but have been too pre-occupied to begin. Now is the time. Can’t wait to see how the world is impacted by your creativity. Personally, I am excited to start thinking about my own life and what’s next for me. 

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About the Author:

Nancy Tepper is a 54 year- old mother of three living in New York City and having fun in this next chapter. She loves tennis, yoga, and is an avid reader. Nancy loves spending time with family and friends and loves to help people. She is currently a member of the Board and Executive Director of Stand Up! Girls which is a non-profit offering stand-up comedy classes to under-served girls in the five boroughs of New York City. Nancy is also a co-founder of MT Nesters podcast which offers valuable advice and inspiration to women who are empty nested and trying to pivot. Lastly, Nancy is a certified Life Coach and works with people who want to transition, or individuals who want to make positive changes in their lives. You can reach Nancy at  [email protected] .To learn more about Nancy, please visit her website at www.nancyteppercoaching.com