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Flip Thankfulness, Look Ahead

Melissa Ternes November 2020

Money Kuel Category Expert: Melissa Ternes

This time of year, we’re all prompted to focus on what we’re thankful for. Every message you see in November is either Pumpkin Spice or Thankfulness.

The first thoughts you have of 2020 might not be thankfulness. It’s easy to agree that this year has brought so much unexpected, and many times unwanted, into our daily lives.

Yet, with everything we can find something positive we can appreciate that has happened. The sunshine. The changing leaves. Fun fall sweaters.

Flip Thankfulness – Look Ahead:

Thanksgiving will be different this year. And in the spirit of 2020 different, I want to invite you to try this flip on thankfulness. Look ahead, look to the remaining days of 2020 and the early days of 2021, what do you want to be thankful for?

what?? I’m thankful afterward not before”

Make a list of the people, places and things you want to be thankful for in the days ahead. Now take that list and consider the things you can do to be thankful. Now you may be saying, what?? I’m thankful afterward not before. This process of looking forward to create a thankful list moves you into the space of anticipation. And why does anticipation matter?

Anticipation Matters:

Think about anticipating a vacation. You prepare for it, you plan for it, you make it happen! You enjoy the fruit of it. In that vein, you have the ability to do the very same thing with your future thankfulness. In anticipation of what’s ahead you take steps today. Whether that’s by setting aside money in a retirement account, paying your bills on time, working on improving your credit score – all of which set you up for future thankfulness. Or, it could be researching learning opportunities so you can switch careers. Reading up on a new dog training method to have a fun time with your pup. Perhaps it’s asking for help to make 2021 your year of money growth and expansion.

With money we are often hard-pressed to look forward”

With money we are often hard-pressed to look forward when everything in front of us is calling our name. All of the marketing, especially around the holidays, the “best deal ever” sales are vying for our attention and our wallet. It is easy to get caught in the promise of saving money. Too often we give up our future thankfulness by buying in the moment what could wait for later only to find we never use the must have item.

Press pause on today. Take another minute and make a list of the things you want to be thankful for in 10 years. Forget the mishaps of the past, what do you want your future to look like? This forward focus on being thankful to your self of today is the path forward from wherever you may find yourself in this moment. Believe in the possibility, believe in yourself!

About the Author:

Melissa Ternes is a financial empowerment coach, author, serial entrepreneur, wife, dog mom and lover of travel. Melissa is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and when she’s not out speaking or teaching, she’s seeking an adventure on the “pretty blue water” of Belize. You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn and check-out her website at Master Your Money Now.