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Lightning Strikes Can Spark Change – Meet Diana Place

Diana Place

After three “lightning strike” experiences in 2018 – a cancer diagnosis, shutting down a business venture, and empty nesting as she turned 60, Diana Place turned her focus to what she truly wanted to do with her “one wild & precious life.”  

Diana Place, Founder/CEO of Third Act Quest, the 333 Collective and QUEST annual gatherings joins the roster of Kuel Life Thought Leaders this month. I have  had the pleasure of collaborating with Diana for a while now and can barely believe our Kuel Life luck when she agreed to join our Collective Power of Women as a monthly contributor.

I have asked Diana maybe some unconventional interview questions. I figured, why not get to know the women who show up with their wisdom, expertise, and advice at a deeper level? Here’s an opportunity to get a sneak peek into our newest contributor. Help me welcome Diana Place to our Community.

Welcome Diana Place:

 1. What Makes Me Feel Alive?

There are so many moments when I am in pure awe for this life – when I get goosebumps and feel truly alive…

When I am near the ocean (especially on a sailboat), when I paint or create, sitting with a dear friend laughing until we cry or having one of those late into the night talks, when I connect with a new person who I feel I’ve know all my life, when I see a baby anything, in a thunderstorm, when I relive precious memories or hear my favorite songs as I drive through gorgeous countryside.  

When I feel most alive is when I am with my dear daughter and get to look into her beautiful eyes, those twinkling, loving eyes  that I have known for almost 23 years.

“I believe that it is never too late to create, experience or do what we truly desire– to unleash our dreams.”

2. What Habits, Patterns Or Beliefs Are My Greatest Assets?

I believe that anything (well, almost anything) is possible. I believe that it is never too late to create, experience or do what we truly desire– to unleash our dreams. With this belief, at 64, I have taken leaps of faith and followed the breadcrumbs to create my dream work. I am so grateful.

As far as habits and patterns… hmmm. 

  •  I am habitually grateful and see every single moment as a gift.   
  • I thrive on being a “connector” –  putting people, experiences and inspiration together. Whenever I discover something, my instant thought is “who would love to or benefit from seeing this?” and when I meet and get to know a new person, I think “who can I connect them with to help or inspire them?”  

As an asset, each of these habits and beliefs is baked into all I do in my work and my life, this gifts me with so many amazing people and experiences.

3. What Boundaries Work For Me? Are There Any I Need To Rethink?

In my earlier years, my boundaries resembled a wide-open door, welcoming everyone and everything without hesitation. It was as if I had a neon sign on my forehead flashing “Open House, Come on In” or “How can I help you?” 

But as I’ve journeyed through my 60s, I’ve gratefully grown more discerning about where I invest my time and energy. Now, I follow my heart to guide me to choose the experiences I want to explore and have and people that I want to spend time with or work with.

4. What Gives Me Energy And How Do I Energize Other People?

Connection is my super-fuel and my super-power. 

My heart races with excitement when I gather with people who are fiercely curious, creative, and passionate about life’s possibilities.

In every interaction, my goal is simple: to make others feel truly seen and heard and to have them leave our time together feeling more positive. By creating this space, they open up, allowing our conversation to illuminate new perspectives, offer grace during challenging times, or celebrate and affirm their choices and their journey.

“Connection is my super-fuel and my super-power.”

I believe in the ripple effect of positive energy — by radiating positive energy, we can light up others, one connection at a time.

5. What Is Really Important To Me?

My family (including the furry ones) and my friends are the most important things in my life.

That said, there are many other things that are really important to me:  

  • Awe-spotting & awe-walks.
  • Being near or on the ocean – especially with my daughter!
  • Making art.
  • Experiencing & exploring other cultures and nature.
  • Dragonflies, butterflies and birds have healed me and clarified things in tough times.
  • Connecting and inspiring women to embrace aging – supporting them to own their gifts and not let fear or self-doubt hold them back from living their best lives.
  • Following my heart & unleashing my dreams, (especially the wildest ones.)
  • Getting more sleep!

6. How Do I Create Joy For Myself?

Same as #5!  😉  

Oh, and making my morning coffee, adding frothed milk made in my cute frother, with a dusting of cocoa powder and then… sipping and sitting in my special space, writing my “morning pages” with my little dog Daisy, curled up behind me on the couch.

And thinking about what Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life, One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

7. How Can I Keep On Evolving?

  • Keeping fear in the backseat, away from the steering wheel and especially the brakes! Instead, letting fear fuel me to dare to try to make my dreams come true. Because, one of my biggest fears is that I will not!
  • Not being afraid to dig in to understand my “stuff”, ditching regrets and giving myself grace when I fail
  • Staying open to learning, to change, and to possibility.
  • Listening more.
  • Being still more.

“I have such faith for the future of our world when I spend time with our youngest people!”

8. What Legacy Do I Want To Leave Behind?

My daughter, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who feel loved and free to follow their hearts. I have such faith for the future of our world when I spend time with our youngest people!

One of my “wildest” dreams since I was five I have images and ideas for a film that and I know now that it is not only something I must create, but something that will last and inspire and connect people after I’m gone…. A film that I’ve planted seeds for but that is still germinating.. This is the year that I take bigger steps to making it happen.. It’s related to Circles…

9. What Are My Top Three ProAging Tips?

  1.  Never say never. 
  2.  Eat your vegetables.
  3.  Sleep (as I night owl that gets up early, this is my top goal!)

This is how I proage in todays world:  1. Never give up learning, exploring and connecting with others. 2. Vanquish my internalized ageism – it’s there in all of us.  

10. Why Am I A Kuel Life Thought Leader?

I love the idea of being among such energizing, curious, generous women on Kuel Life’s beautiful platform –  full of ideas and inspiration. It’s a place where I can share my stories and insights around living, aging and thriving – of creating the best chapter in our life’s story.

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