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Midlife Women: See What’s Hot In Fall Fashion

Gail Scott September 2022

Beauty & Fashion Kuel Thought Leader: Gail Scott

Can you hear it? David Bowie is singing “FASHION”. 

FALL is here, the biggest season of the year for fashion! As a young girl, I remember pouring over the super thick issues of the fall magazines and adoring all the colors, styles, and textures. Fall fashion has always been my favorite. That love continues to this day. So let’s go, let’s talk about the year’s trends.

This year’s Pantone palette for fall is a bit different. It contains several bright and sunny shades, reflecting our desire for “Dopamine Dressing.” This trend of wearing colors that make us feel good is a reaction to coming out of the pandemic. 

gail scott fashion fall

My Favorites From The Pantone Palette? 

  1. Amazon is a kelly green shade that works well for many color types and adds a pop in the best possible way.
  2. Midnight is a deep blue combining teal with navy and gray. There is so much richness to this color.
  3. Waterspout is a lovely light shade that feels fresh. Think of a light aqua sort of shade, great for layering.
  4. Caramel Cafe is leading the way as Camel shades have a moment this season.
  5. Rose Violet is a fuschia pink that adds intensity and a happy feeling. 
  6. Tiger Orange brings a surprise to the season. It’s bold and unexpected.
  7. Samoan Sun is another surprise. It is a lovely butter yellow that marries well with Camel and Midnight.

“Amazon and Rose Violet will look great on those with cool coloring..”

Try Pairing:

Amazon and Rose Violet will look great on those with cool coloring, and both look great with gray. Try pairing them together as well.

Midnight and Waterspout can work for both warm and cool skin tones and pair nicely together, as well as with gray and camel.

Tiger Orange and Samoan Sun are a gift for warm-skinned gals. Pair with camel or chocolate for the WOW factor. Again, great together too.

Both chocolate and black are back as staples. 

Now let’s talk about style trends. For this fall fashion season, two leading influences are aviation and equestrian. We see aviation in the Bomber Jacket, one of the season’s top picks. Wear it with a white tank top and jeans to be super on trend, or choose a slimmer, lightweight one and wear it with slacks and skirts. Tailored waistcoats and tall boots are giving the equestrian nod.

fashion fall

Great Pair Of Jeans:

Jeans and pants are wide-legged, both stovepipe and bell-shaped. The waistbands are higher, and some are super high. You will not go wrong by picking up a great pair of jeans and either black or camel leather/faux leather pants. The cargo pocket is making a comeback, try it on joggers for a fun look. 

Knits and sweaters are all the rage. Open weave knits layered over other pieces are a hot look and allow you to control your comfort temperature-wise. Sweater dressing from head to toe is a warm and comfy look that makes deciding what to wear a breeze. Be on the lookout for sweaters in the beautiful colors of the Pantone palette. It is an easy way to be on trend.

Sequins, leather, and embellishments are being seen all over the place. The “Party Look” is not only for the evening anymore. Sequins are being worn for daytime casual and gemstones are appearing in jewelry and on shoes. Have fun with your clothes this season!

gail scott fashion fall

3 Main Trends In Shoes This Fall:

I am seeing 3 main trends in shoes; tall boots, flats, and platforms. Shorter boots are still seen, but the over-the-knee look is bringing on the competition. Flats, either a closed shoe or a mule, are being embellished with gemstones, buckles, and more.

“Platforms are higher than ever, and the colors are bright!”

Platforms are higher than ever, and the colors are bright! Clogs are making a comeback as well. A few other trends to watch out for are a touch of Western, but not the full-on cowboy boot. And loafers are sneaking into the footwear scene. But don’t count out city sneakers, they may be here to stay. As you can see, there are lots of choices this year.

Fall Fashion – Go Big Or Go Home:

For accessories, it’s back to big statement pieces. Large chokers and chunky pearls are the season’s hot look. We are also seeing stacked rings and oversized bangles. It’s a mix-and-match-a-palooza of overstated and oversized pieces. Hoop earrings and crystals are also hot on the scene, and it’s time to dig out your charm bracelet.

I think “Go Big or Go Home” sums it up for Fall. So whether you are adding a few new pieces or picking out a whole new wardrobe, focus on some great basics and then have fun with the rest!

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Gail Scott

About the Author:

Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty industry, and loves helping women look their best. She specializes in really listening to her clients and teaching them how to get the look that they want, without wasting time, money, or products. Her interest in helping and mentoring women has lead her to a new adventure, MIDLIFE MOXIE, which is a community, lifestyle brand, and podcast all about women making this one of the best seasons of their lives.

She can be contacted at [email protected], and found on IG @gailsscott. The MIDLIFE MOXIE podcast is available on all of the major podcast platforms or at https://midlifemoxie.libsyn.com.