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8 Ways To Slow Down The “Aging Clock”!

Kuel Life Featured Images December 2021

Beauty In And Out Kuel Category Expert: Sheryl Wilson

AGING!!! Bah? Humbug? You don’t have to dread it! You can embrace it!!!

I know several women in my young age bracket of 65, that are Pro Aging!!! One of them is your hostess with definitely the most, Jack Perez, Founder of Kuel Life! She is in incredible shape physically and that has been a strong core commitment for her still, in her mid 50’s!

The other is Pro Aging Fitness Enthusiast, Gail Gensler, one of the amazing contributors to Kuel Life at 60, who boxes for fitness, since 19 years of age and has re-invented herself as a Model, Influencer, Author. Another role model is the new Ms. Woman California, 2021, (who is also a holistic integrative medicine Doctor), the only one to ever win the title at the age of 59!

“Aging well is a mindset and a commitment to ever-evolving, growing and changing!”

Aging Well:

Hi! My name is Sheryl Wilson and I am the National Beauty Expert and “Spokesface”, for Clientele Skin Care and MDR Supplements, in association for 41 years and a Concert Worship Vocalist all at the age of 65!

Aging well is a mindset and a commitment to ever-evolving, growing and changing! As much as we are grateful that we get to age, how we age well, is really mostly the choices we make. Chronologically we all do have to age, but (good news!) holistically not as fast! We can slow the clock down in some pretty dramatic ways.

Some say they have “earned their lines” and appreciate them, but we are not talking just esthetics, we are talking overall body wellness! If we are given the gift of life, let’s give our bodies a chance to live out our lives in the healthiest ways possible!

Why Do I Say Aging Well Is Up To You?

Let’s examine. What do your lifestyle and your daily habits look like? What are your skin, hair, nails, and immune health concerns? Do you realize that what you see in the mirror day by day, good or not so good, is a reflection of your insides!

“Did you know that your DNA is just a small part of your aging process?”

“Why can’t I just use a good soap and moisturizer to keep my skin healthy, just like my Grandmother used to”, you ask?  Although you may have some of your family’s great genes, your lifestyle is completely different than theirs. Did you know that your DNA is just a small part of your aging process?

WHAT?!! It is estimated that approximately only 25 percent of our body’s aging process is determined by our genetics. WOW!!!  So, what does attribute to the other 75 percent?

Busy Lifestyle Equaling Even More Stress:

Today’s lifestyle is far removed from that of our Grandmother’s. Many of us have careers, family, or both to care for and the same 24 hours to pack it into. With this busy lifestyle, we have emotional stress, which can bring on unhealthy habits. Such as poor diet, drinking, smoking, to combat emotional stress, equaling even more stress. Did you check off any of these boxes?

Let’s factor in some additional internal stressors: hormonal changes, health concerns, medications, medical conditions, water intake, poor sleep pattern, lack of exercise.

External Stressors:

Now let’s break down external stressors: sunshine, great for the purpose of Vitamin D, yet as our ozone continues to get thinner, stronger than ever UVA and UVB rays! UVA and UVB speed up the aging process and cause hyperpigmentation, loss of hydration and definitely loss of elasticity. Did you know that your cell phone, computers, televisions, fluorescent light are all considered Blue Light and they give off UV rays?

Loss of hormones begins in our mid 20’s. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (yes ladies we have that too) and Human Growth Hormone, otherwise known as HGH all start to decline.

“Anxiety can definitely speed up your body’s aging process.”

What Can We Do?

1.) Always have faith that good things are coming your way. Anxiety can definitely speed up your body’s aging process. Seek ways to find balance, relaxation, happiness and laugh, laugh, laugh!

2.) Get those ZZZ’s! Beauty sleep is no joke! Our bodies require 8 hours minimum. Why? When your body is in a resting state, your cells are regenerating, renewing, restoring, and repairing. Your skin cells, for example, are most active at 4:30 in the morning.

Even circulation is more effective. This is when your skin cells can receive their optimum nourishment for regeneration and repair. A good night’s sleep also builds a stronger immune defense, which we cannot ignore in today’s world.

Right Balance Of Supplements:

3.) Supplementation! Let’s turn rust back to iron! The right balance of supplements is absolutely VITAL to provide your body what it is lacking on a daily basis, due to the internal and external stressors and hormonal slow down described above.

“Ingredients must be highly sourced and combined in such a way, that each unit, enhances each milligram and then enhances each microgram!”

We must counteract aging in a healthy way with a proper combination, (such as Vitamin A, C, D and E, B Complex, Omega 3’s, S.O.D., Resveratrol, Catalase Lycopene, Astaxanthin, (as just some examples), of the right vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes, to fight off free radical damage.

How do you really know if you are getting the right balance of supplements? Ingredients must be highly sourced and combined in such a way, that each unit, enhances each milligram and then enhances each microgram!  Well, that’s where I come in. More about that later!

A Great Way To Improve Our Abilities:

4.) Eat six small healthy meals per day to stay energetic, focused, improve metabolism, aid digestion and the absorption of your supplements. Some experts also suggest intermittent fasting as a great way to improve our abilities to slow down our aging process. There are some wonderful articles to that effect!

5.) Shake that booty! Move, move, move! A sedentary lifestyle, (unless that is due to health issues) has been proven to be harmful to your memory (did you know that you gain new brain cells when you exercise?!) and to your bone and heart health.

“Everything you apply to your face should also be applied to your hands and the front and back of your neck to keep them young-looking as well.”

6.) Don’t forget to cleanse and EXFOLIATE A.M. and yes P.M., even if you’re tired! Congested pores and dead skin cells, do not allow your serums (nourishment), moisturizers and night creams to absorb. If not exfoliating daily, this will prohibit the ability of your skincare program to perform its optimum job!

Fight Free Radical Damage:

7.) Apply an environmentally protective moisturizer with an SPF 30 minimum and please don’t rely on it from your foundation. Sunblock prevents wrinkled skin and hyperpigmentation (age spots). Please remember to use a moisturizer at night packed with antioxidants, as that is when your skin cells are most active and will truly receive the benefits to fight free radical damage.

8.) Don’t forget your neck and hands. A great daily habit! Everything you apply to your face should also be applied to your hands and the front and back of your neck to keep them young-looking as well. Why the back of your neck too? Gravity pulls from the back forward and down! Let’s avoid that!

If you are interested in a free in depth personalized skin care consultation, reach out. My details are in my bio below.

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Sheryl Wilson

About the Author:

Sheryl is the National Beauty Expert, Director of Education and Spokesperson for Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health Supplements. She has enjoyed a 41-year relationship with Clientele and is so proud to share the science behind youthifying the skin from the inside out, at any age!  Clientele Skin Care and MDR Health (its sister company) is Woman Founded by Patricia Riley Creator and CEO. Dr. Riley is a Biochemist with her background In Nutrition. Sheryl is also a newlywed of almost three years to a “gift from God” Husband, has 3 fabulous felines and is also a Praise and Worship Leader, Concert Performer and Recording Artist! A professional in-depth skin care and supplement consultation with an expert is KEY to target the best possible program, personalized just for you. Let’s talk! Sheryl Wilson. 800 327-4660, EXT 5709 or [email protected].