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Time To Reframe Using Time Wisely

Yvonne Marchese August 2023 1

Midlife Reinvention Thought Leader: Yvonne Marchese

What does the phrase “using time wisely” mean to you?

Is it all about cramming as many tasks as possible into a day and becoming a productivity wizard? Do you kick yourself at the end of the day when you look at your ambitious “to do” list and realize that many of the things on your list didn’t get done? Do you often think, “If I just had a few more hours…” Or do you feel like you’re running on empty or often feel overwhelmed wondering how you can possibly do “all the things”?

“Trust me, you’re not the only one juggling these thoughts.”

Trust me, you’re not the only one juggling these thoughts. We’re all on a quest to figure out how to balance being a dynamo of productivity with taking care of ourselves. And let me tell you, it’s a puzzle that’s been with me since forever.

Using Time Wisely:

Allow me to take you on a little trip down memory lane. Picture a younger version of me eagerly flipping open my report card. The target? It was that tiny section titled “Uses Time Wisely” that held the verdict on whether I was working hard enough and being productive. Oh, how I hoped to see the shining “S” marked for satisfactory. But reality had other plans – that “N” for Needs Improvement seemed to have a permanent reservation. No matter the teacher, through the years it was always there, sowing seeds of self-doubt about my time-handling skills.

Now, fast-forward to my 55-year-old self, and guess what? That self-doubt hasn’t quite left the building. It’s a story I’ve been carrying around my whole life and it drives me. Do you have a similar story? Do you carry around a story that says you’re not enough… that you need to do more?

If you’re anything like me, you’re hustling, working late hours, and pushing your limits. You probably don’t give yourself enough credit for everything you manage to get done in a day. You might look back at the end of the day knowing you worked hard all day and find it hard to exactly pinpoint what you actually did.

Moreover, you might look back on your day and kick yourself because you wasted time while scrolling through social media or got lost in a project that took way longer than you estimated.

Time For Yourself:

What happens when you do actually carve out some time for yourself, or spend time with friends and family?

“The thing I’ve realized in the middle of this midlife rollercoaster is that self-care isn’t selfish.”

Do you hear an old familiar tune? I think you probably know this one… It’s the guilt that tags along when we even think about taking a breather or spending time with our loved ones. It’s like having a tiny voice inside our heads that’s always nagging, “You should be working, not relaxing.”

Here’s the kicker – we need to acknowledge our accomplishments and we’re also allowed to have time for ourselves. The thing I’ve realized in the middle of this midlife rollercoaster is that self-care isn’t selfish.

In fact, it’s the secret sauce that fires up our creativity and reignites our passions. Those moments when we treat ourselves to pure leisure? They’re not just trivial breaks; they’re the gems that give life its sparkle.

Using time wisely doesn’t mean packing your calendar to the brim with work. It’s about leaving those blanks – for yourself, your dreams, and the stuff that brings you joy. Here’s a sneaky bonus: taking this approach might actually make you more productive when you’re on the grind because you’ve given your brain the TLC it needs.

Using Time Wisely Allows Me To Give Of Myself:

My personal experience is that when I make time to do the things that I love, like reading a good book, walking at the beach, calling a good friend to catch up on life, roller skating or paddle boarding, I wind up with more energy to give to the tasks on my “to do” list and I feel less bitter about working so hard. When I take care of myself, I find that I’m more able to give of myself to other people.

“You’re the one who gets to decide what “using time wisely” looks like for you”

It’s high time we rewrite the story we’ve been telling ourselves for so long. Let’s redefine what it means to be successful by adding self-care and relaxation to the equation. Let’s set some much-needed boundaries and create space – not just for work, but for those moments that rejuvenate us.

Here’s the good news…you’re in control here. You’re the one who gets to decide what “using time wisely” looks like for you. It’s like building a mixtape where your favorite bangers of accomplishments are interspersed with the chill tracks of self-care.

As we continue this wild journey, let’s challenge those old-school beliefs that say we can’t take time for ourselves. Let’s be the rebels who say, “Hey, I can be a rockstar at work and enjoy Netflix marathons guilt-free.”

Time’s ticking, my friends, and it’s high time we danced to our own tune. We’ve got dreams to chase, and we’ve got lounging around to do too. The clock’s ticking, but we’re the ones setting the pace.

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Yvonne Marchese

About the Author:

Yvonne Marchese is the host of the Late Bloomer Living Podcast, a professional photographer, mother and wife. At the age of 48, she realized that she’d bought into a story about getting old that was adversely affecting her health and relationships.Changing her story about aging inspired her to start the Late Bloomer Living Podcast where she is on a mission to redefine society’s ideas on aging and exploring how to live a life by design. Yvonne believes that midlife is filled with possibility, that it’s never too late to pursue a dream and that the stories we tell ourselves have tremendous power. Who knew that midlife could be so much fun? Follow Yvonne on IG –@latebloomerliving