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Wardrobe Construction vs. Wardrobe Distraction

Debra Schwartz August 2023 1

Signature StylingThought Leader: Debra Schwartz

Fashion is like a dance between timeless classics and bold new trends.

As we step into Fall 2023, let’s consider two unique approaches that can shape your wardrobe and personal style:


It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about finding what resonates with you.

Building A Timeless Wardrobe: The Art Of Construction:

Wardrobe Construction is all about investing in pieces that you’ll love year after year. Think of it as building a collection of fashion BFFs.

“It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about finding what resonates with you.”

The Ups and Downs:

  • Pros: Long-lasting style, timeless appeal, and a wardrobe that feels like “you.”
  • Cons: A higher price tag and possibly missing out on some fleeting trends.

Brands to Embrace:

  • Theory: Timeless pieces that never go out of style.
  • J.Crew: Quality basics without breaking the bank.
  • Everlane: Ethical choices with transparent pricing.

What’s Hot in Construction for Fall 2023:

  1. Scarf-Dressing: Scarves are no longer just accessories; they’re the main event! Wrap, drape, or tie them into your outfits for a chic twist.
  2. Black Coats: The little black dress’s winter cousin, a black coat, is your go-to for elegance and warmth.
  3. Winter Florals: Dark, romantic florals that whisper winter’s beauty.
  4. White Shirts: Not just your average white shirt, but ones with unique cuts and details.
  5. Leather and Vegan Leather: Whether you’re into real leather or its ethical twin, vegan leather, both add a touch of luxury.

scarf dressing wardrobe

winter floral wardrobe

Embracing the Trends: The Joy of Distraction:

Wardrobe Distraction is your ticket to the fashion funfair. It’s about playing with trends, even if they won’t stick around forever.

The Ups and Downs:

  • Pros: Experimenting with the latest styles and often at a friendlier price.
  • Cons: Short-lived trends and a wardrobe that might feel a bit all over the place.

Brands that “Bring” the Trends:

  • Zara and H&M: Spice up your classics with trendy accessories.
  • Steve Madden: Fashionable yet affordable footwear.

What’s Trending in Distraction for Fall 2023:

  1. Peplums: Flirty ruffles that add a playful touch to your waistline.
  2. Full Skirts: Swirl and twirl in skirts that make a statement.
  3. Lingerie Looks: Who says lingerie is just for the bedroom? Bring it into the daylight!
  4. Vivienne Westwood: Punk, rebellion, and individuality all wrapped up in one designer.

“This Fall is a season full of fodder for exploration.”

Finding Your Balance:

This Fall is a season full of fodder for exploration. You can build a timeless wardrobe with scarf-dressing, black coats, winter florals, white shirts, and leather (or vegan leather). Or you can dance with the trends and embrace peplums, full skirts, lingerie looks, and Vivienne Westwood’s edgy designs.

Better yet, why not do both? Invest in quality pieces that you’ll love forever and sprinkle in some trendy accessories for a bit of fun.

Fashion is your playground, and these trends are your toys. Mix, match, and create a style that’s uniquely yours. After all, fashion rules are meant to be played with, not followed.

If you are interested – check out my curated catalog of fashion finds, both for CONSTRUCTION, and DISTRACTION. It’s updated often with new finds in both camps! Additional resources are available below, in my bio too.

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About the Author:

Debra Schwartz, of CRUSH.STYLE, is a stylist and designer with more than three decades in fashion, cosmetics, corporate design, branding, and digital media.

As a Confidence-Creator, an Amplifier of Self-Image, and an Architect of Empowerment for women her goal is to have you show up with confidence and style in chapters two, three, (or four!) of life. “My passion and mission is to bring elevation and joy to women through signature style… and reclaim your fabulousness”.  

Find Debra on Instagram @crushstylenow. Visit http://www.crush.style to learn more about Debra and how her signature style services can elevate you to the next level. Get the 10-STEP HOW-TO PROCESs to prepping your wardrobe here: https://calendly.com/crush_style/get-your-wardrobe-fall-ready And join her PRIVATE Facebook community : The CRUSHstyle COLLECTIVE for pro-styling advice and fashion/style bonuses. https://www.facebook.com/groups/841930803862930/