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Top Up Your Reserve Tank Before Spring

reserve tank spring

Holistic Healing Thought Leader: Carol Lee

Apparently after this very wet winter the reservoirs in Devon, south west U.K. are almost full.

This means even if we have a dry, hot summer with huge throngs of tourists we will have enough water, HURRAH!

Have you ever thought of your energy as being as precious a resource as water? Perhaps a bit like water being instantly available by tap, we take it for granted. Our energy, our vitality it’s just there…. until it isn’t. When we are unwell, our energy is depleted. And every step we take can feel like wading through mud, our mind gets foggy and we feel cut off from life. Suddenly it is clear that our vitality is the very essence of life and our most precious resource.

“Our spiritual power, which could be called wisdom, increases, we step into elderhood.”

Of course our energy is not just about how vital our body feels. It includes our mental, emotional and spiritual vitality. There is a point of view I like. That says that as we age and our physical vitality declines. Our spiritual power, which could be called wisdom, increases, we step into elderhood.

The Reserve Tank:

Our inner reservoir on all levels of our being therefore needs to nurtured so we have a resilient immune system. And be able to enjoy moving regularly, feel mentally agile and creative and go the extra mile when needed.

Within us, as part of the Five Element philosophy for health and well-being in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Water element is our inner reservoir, it holds our reserves. Day to day energy is governed by the Bladder meridian. The reserve tank plus spiritual and ancestral wisdom is held in the Kidney meridian.

This beautiful Water element is linked to the Wintertime. Meaning that now is the time when we can either over stress and deplete our energy. Or we have the opportunity to replenish our reserves.

I Dug Deep:

I remember during a very emotionally stressful time in my life. When my first husband was terminally ill, feeling completely exhausted. I knew I had to dig deep and keep going, there was not an option to stop, I had two young boys to care for, love and support. I dug deep and accessed my reserve tank; deep in that place, not only was there another level of energy available to me but there was also a spiritual perspective that supported me on this journey of great loss I was on.

That journey was a very long and distressing, I was absolutely broken hearted but I was amazed at my stamina to keep going with my boys and that even in the midst of it all I caught a glimpse of a spiritual perspective on it all.

“Thankfully 17 years later I know time and rest has healed me, now I feel full, resourced and energetic.”

Recovery afterwards took two or three Winters and plenty of rest to top up my reserve tank again. After his death I had very little in my reserve tank and felt easily exhausted and anxious, even small tasks felt overwhelming. Thankfully 17 years later I know time and rest has healed me, now I feel full, resourced and energetic.

Here 6 Tips To Make The Most Of The Fading Winter Energy:

Here are six tips to make the most of the fading Winter energy this month, to refill your reserve tank and connect to the deepest wise aspects of your being, before Spring arrives…

  1. When you are able, rest or do some meditation between 3-7pm. This time slot is directly related to the Water element and it’s meridians. Resting during this time will be particularly healing and restorative.
  2. Soak nuts and grains before eating and cooking. When you do this the energy of hydration and reassurance is imbibed into the food, making it easier to digest.
  3. Relax beside or in water; flowing, tumbling water will fill the atmosphere with negative ions assisting flow around us and within our body. Our inner Water energy does not like to be stagnant, just as in nature.
  4. Drink plenty of water, this may include herbal teas or simply hot water with a slice of lemon and ginger. Avoiding or cutting back on tea, coffee and alcohol, which all have a drying, depleting effect, are not restorative.
  5. Go to sleep an hour earlier and have the occasional duvet day
  6. Use this affirmation ‘I make time to top up my reserve tank’ or ‘I love feeling my body heal’.

As you say the words allow your body to swell with gratitude and good feelings, the visceral full feeling is the key.

To give these words extra power, tap the middle of your upper chest as you speak the words and absorb the feeling of the image.

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Carol Lee

About the Author:

Carol Lee is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Sugar-freedom coach, Creative Kinesiologist, Teacher and Author from the U.K. She has been working in Complementary Health for over 25 years. Her holistic approach to healing and transformation is about listening to, witnessing and working with the body’s ‘knowing’. Carol believes this is where we hold our wisdom, experience and capacity for change, especially as mid-life women.

She works with women wanting to kick the sugar habit, those who are navigating health challenges, or who are wanting to up-level their life in some way; helping them to clear the blocks to success and wellbeing. She is currently enjoying her empty nest, and the freedom it brings, with her partner Jon. Carol loves the coast and walking the wild landscape of South West UK, snuggling her sweet rescue cat Stevie, gardening and eating delicious, nutritious food.