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What Is A Life Theme And Why Is It Important

Life Theme

Midlife Transformation: LauraJo Richins

In Chetan Parkyn’s The Book of Destinies, a profound question is posed: “What if life is not a problem to be solved but is actually a mystery to be lived?”

Hmmm, does this question challenge you to rethink your approach to life? Does it suggest that, for each of us, we have a unique path to follow? For me, it also feels more playful.

“We are strongly influenced by outside expectations and the beliefs of others.”

Unique Path To Follow:

No two grains of sand are the same. Just as no two people are the same nor do they live the same life. Does this “mystery to be lived” imply that each of us is here for a purpose? That we have a unique story to tell? I think so. What about you?

It seems that many of us find ourselves living lives that are not true to who we really are. We are strongly influenced by outside expectations and the beliefs of others. What about our own expectations? Our own beliefs? Maybe it’s time to get curious and bring a sense of play into our lives – by reconnecting with ourselves and stopping the focus on the “should’” and the “supposed” to things in our lives.

The purpose of understanding your Life Theme is to help you attune to your destiny. You can live creatively through all the challenges life brings. Your Life Theme, determined by the specific time and place of your birth, is like the intended storyline of your life. It offers us powerful clues for how to align on our journey. I love how Life Themes always resonate with my clients. It’s fun to listen to their thoughts as they read.

However, growing up, we are often influenced by our surroundings, our parents, community, and environment. We may end up living a life that is not in alignment with our true nature. When we understand our Life Theme, if can be transformative. It allows you to embrace the YOU you already knew was there. It is reassuring and clarifying about your life purpose and helps us let go of misplaced expectations and live authentically.

“When you embrace your Life Theme, it allows you to live authentically and in alignment with your true self.”

Life’s Purpose And Path:

Human Design and the Gene Keys are tools that can help you discover your Life Theme and align with it. Human Design combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a personalized map of your unique genetic design. The Gene Keys offer a contemplative journey into your DNA revealing the patterns that hold you back and the keys to unlocking your true self.

When you align your focus with your Life Theme, you’ll naturally embrace it. Why? Because it sparks your curiosity and shines a light on your life’s purpose and path. It also will cause you to wonder about the Life Theme of those around you. With this new insight, our perspective broadens and we have a new appreciation for life and all the ways people are living their lives around us.

There are no “good” themes and no “bad” themes. There are just different parts to play within the main symphony of life itself. When you embrace your Life Theme, it allows you to live authentically and in alignment with your true self. You gain a deeper understanding of your unique purpose in this world.

This is the first article in a series of articles about Human Design, Gene Keys, and Life Themes. Tools that can help you gain more self-awareness and live your purpose. Prefer to listen rather than read? Check out the video below.

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About the Author:

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LauraJo Richins is a Female Empowerment Specialist focused on working with women over 50 who are seeking their next life adventure. Her passion is awakening women to the abundance of life, encouraging them to pursue their dreams, and reminding them of their essential role in the world.

Her work centers on helping women overcome self-doubt, worthiness beliefs, old emotional patterns, and stress responses, fostering a deep connection with their true selves. Embracing the power of personal alignment, she encourages women to trust their inner wisdom, envisioning a world where they confidently show up as their authentic selves, free from people-pleasing and external expectations.

LauraJo offers a free ebook, Awaken Your Purpose, available for download at www.LauraJo.com. She believes in guiding and empowering women to step into their purpose, helping them discover their authentic selves, and enabling them to positively impact others through their unique gifts.