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Create Your Vision Board: A Step-by-Step Guide To Achieving Your Goals

Create Vision Board

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer Imagine sailing a boat without a destination. The wind might be strong, the sails perfectly set, but without a guiding star, you’re adrift. This, my friends, […]

Loss: Coping With Shame, Guilt, And Grief

Coping with shame guilt and grief

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer I grieve – over many things and in different ways. And yet I struggle with my own internal battle around grief and what are “acceptable” forms […]

Top Lessons Learned From A Nomadic Lifestyle

nomadic lifestyle

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer In May of 2022, I left my lucrative corporate career for an unknown destination. All I knew at that time was that I was going to […]

Birthdays: Dread Or Celebration?

dread or celebration?

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer November is my birthday month. It’s also the month where I put in extra effort to practice gratitude each day. While recently reflecting on gratitude, I […]

When You Don’t Have Time To Take A Break

Amy Palmer September 2023

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer September can be a challenging time for women due to chaotic transitions and post-summer-vacation blues. Whether you are a mom managing the change in family routine […]

Are You A Blueprint Breaker?

Amy Palmer August 2023 1

Blueprint Breaker: Amy Palmer Let’s talk about the definition first. My personal definition of “blueprint breaker” is anyone who’s living outside the “typical”, “traditional” lifestyle blueprint. Blueprint Breaker: What Does […]

Pardon Amy’s French As She Tells All – F The Blueprint

Amy Palmer Interview August 2023

Amy Palmer joins the roster of Kuel Life Thought Leaders as a voice for those “blueprint-breakers.” After a lifelong struggle with feeling “outside” the societal norm and longing to live […]