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Midlife Mom Adventures: Saving Memories, Not Money

Midlife Mom

As I drove back from my son’s home in  Boone, North Carolina to my home in Chapel Hill this past Tuesday morning I felt strangely satisfied.

My visit to see my 21-year-old son this week was very last minute. A combination of circumstances, in particular his inability to come home for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, pushed the need for an in-person sighting

My visit included an invitation to stay with my son and his two roommates. Throwing caution to the wind, I embraced the challenge. For a second I thought the savings on lodging was the silver lining—only to realize later that my son gladly presented a “spend your savings on me” proposal. Tough call: hotel in Boone versus Aidan’s budgetary black hole. I leave it to you to wonder what is more expensive.

Midlife Mom To The Rescue:

In the blink of an eye, my unofficial title of Mama Fix-It was reinstated.”

Within a few minutes of arriving, It became clear that my invitation also came with an unstated “Will you help me?” clause. To be sure I was not misreading the signs, I asked if my assistance was welcomed or if I needed to stay in my lane. Without hesitation, a resounding yes emitted from his mouth.

In the blink of an eye, my unofficial title of Mama Fix-It was reinstated. Chores, oh the chores! A domestic battlefield awaited—laundry mountains, a carpet playing hide-and-seek with the floor, and a bathroom resembling a truck stop in dire need of a makeover. I even fancied myself a home decor guru, mapping out lighting upgrades and picture frames as if I were staging a mini HGTV show.

Building The Midlife Mom Good Memories Bank Account:

Amidst this frenzy of cleaning and organizing, I had my sights set on accruing some quality moments in the Bank of Good Memories. We couldn’t let the entire trip drown in a sea of domestic duties. A two-hour hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway was my son’s contribution to the equation. Weather gods blessed us, and we even managed to swing by his workplace—cue the meet-and-greet with his colleagues. All in less than two days. Phew!

Without realizing it, the circumstances gave way to me feeling like Supermom — truly remarkable and unexpected. Since my kid ventured off into the world a couple of years ago, my parenting role shrank faster than a wool sweater in a hot wash. The days of grape-peeling, lunch-making, and homework help were all but forgotten. 

A Weird Sense Of Accomplishment:

there is no price tag on 42 hours of enmeshed, positive, interactions with your favorite human”

Yet, in that whirlwind of cleaning chaos and impromptu adventures, a sense of achievement blossomed. Who knew that a frenzied cleaning spree, a Walmart splurge, and a mountain hike would reaffirm my usefulness in the eyes of my offspring? 

So, as I cruised back home, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the odd, yet fulfilling, turn of events. Sometimes, it takes a whirlwind visit and a surge of domestic prowess to remind you that the mom cape still fits, even if it’s tucked away most days. Cheers to the unexpected adventures of the midlife mom—always keeping life amusingly fulfilling!

And as I tally up the weekend expenses to see how much I actually saved ( I didn’t by the way) by staying with my son, I realize there is no price tag on 42 hours of enmeshed, positive, interactions with your favorite human.

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