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My Quiet Struggle To Prove My Worthiness – Maribel, 48

Maribel’s story resonates deeply with me. She is a first generation Mexican-American who grew up with one foot in each of two worlds: her Mexican and her birthplace, culture. Maribel rose way above her ‘status’ of a child of immigrants, and has created a successful productive life. She could have left it at that. It’s […]

You Choose How Young You Are – Lisa, 57

Lisa Gates is our Kuel Life Expert on Care Giving. We have more than 45 million caregivers right now in the US alone. The average age is 49 and they are predominantly women. This topic is incredibly relevant and critical for our Community of women. We are lucky to have Lisa on board sharing her […]

Purpose Is Power – Elise, 72

Elise Marquam-Jahns has been a BEAUTY Kuel Category Expert for quite some time now. Her articles and videos showing us how we can look on the outside how we feel on the inside are priceless. In the world of beauty, where women over 45 are ignored, it is empowering and refreshing to have someone specialize […]

You Can – Ruby, 66

Ruby Hinson Stanley’s story will hit you at your core. Orphaned at age nine, Ruby had to start her new life completely on her own. While that would bury many of us; Ruby chose to create her life. Her story will inspire you. And, Ruby is still in a personal discovery mode. She fashions her […]

I Deserve To Shine! – Lori, 57

This week’s Share Your Story installment is very special to me. I met Lori Roach last year at FierceCon LA 2019. She joined the Kuel Life Party as a member and we spent an entire weekend connecting – to one other and all of the other amazing women in attendance.  Lori’s smile shines so bright; […]

Go Where You Are Celebrated – Eva Charlotte, 60


Eva Charlotte Larsson Ruiz should not be alive. Having survived a sky diving accident, known as a ‘bounce’, Eva LIVES her life in a manner which many of us cannot fully comprehend. Facing her mortality, several times throughout her life, Eva’s perspective provides a gift to many of us. Eva focuses on being present and […]

Mastery Is Inside Out – Catherine, 58


Catherine is a wise, old soul, whose heart is too big for her tiny body. Stunning on the outside and in; Catherine epitomizes the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Catherine is kind and generous. I am proud to call her a friend, a collaborator, and a mentor. I met Catherine through social […]

It’s OK To Re-Invent Yourself – Joy, 47


Joy Alford-Brand is someone you want on your team if you’re starting over financially. Many of us, in midlife, find ourselves in that situation… for good or bad. Whether we are struggling financially, dealing with a severe change in our revenue model due to a grey divorce, or we have been gifted an inheritance from […]

Remember To Do It Your Way – Charisse, 62


Charisse Glenn is a modern day Renaissance woman: a long-time casting agent; yogi; world traveler; competitive, equestrian endurance rider; and an author. ‘The Let Go’, Charisse’s lifestyle blog and forthcoming book, has been inspired by her passion for, and love of horses. Charisse joins the ever growing roster of Kuel Life Experts this month; sharing […]

Don’t Wait – Nancy, 54

Nancy Tepper May 2020

Nancy Tepper lives and works in NYC. She is a certified life coach, co-creator and co-host of MT Nesters podcast, and the Executive Director for a non-profit called Stand Up! Girls. As if that doesn’t keep Nancy busy enough, she has recently joined the Kuel Life Community as our TRANSITIONS Expert. Her first article for Kuel […]