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The Most Expensive Mistake Women Make

Melissa Ternes October 2020

Money Kuel Category Expert: Melissa Ternes

Ever wondered what’s the most expensive mistake women make? It’s waiting.


  • to have more time. 
  • to ask about investing until they make more money.
  • or, to ask for help to get spending under control.
  • to learn more about money.
  • to live the life they so desire. 
  • for the kids to be older. 
  • for … you name it!

Waiting is delaying the life you could be living now. It is putting your future self in jeopardy. Waiting is so common and so devastating.

There Is No Perfect Time

Now we’ve all heard sound advice around waiting, but most of us aren’t doing that kind of waiting. You know, the save for what you want, good kind of waiting. No, we’re delaying dreams waiting until life is just right. Here’s the thing, life will never be just right. There will always be something. An accident, an unexpected repair or medical event. Something.

you will find purchases you don’t make because you simply don’t want to write them down”

Why not do it now, imperfectly done, now. Start looking at your numbers. A simple start is to just write down what you earn and spend each day. Nothing fancy, pencil and paper and what came in and went out today. As you get in the habit of tracking your money, you will find purchases you don’t make because you simply don’t want to write them down. And, those purchases are the ones that have been sneakily stealing your money from you!


Patterns Will Emerge:

ask yourself, “is this in line with my dream?””

You will begin to see patterns of earning and spending. It could be when you calendar is jam packed, you make not so great choices around meals and eat out for convenience’s sake. Or, when you get together with a certain group of people you tend to overspend on things that otherwise you wouldn’t have purchased. Perhaps, it’s the undercurrent of tension at work that prompts a little retail therapy. As you begin to see the trigger points you have the information you need to make new choices.

Start looking over your money in and out for the week and ask yourself, “is this in line with my dream?” If not, return the item, or put in place a reminder so you won’t end up spending what isn’t taking you closer to the life you truly desire. This simple step will move you forward fast!

Your future self will thank you a million times over. Waiting is bad for you. The longer you wait to get a handle on your money, the more time works against you. Stop putting this off and do something for your future self today!

About the Author:

Melissa Ternes is a financial empowerment coach, author, serial entrepreneur, wife, dog mom and lover of travel. Melissa is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and when she’s not out speaking or teaching, she’s seeking an adventure on the “pretty blue water” of Belize. You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn and check-out her website at Master Your Money Now.

2 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Mistake Women Make

  1. jodie filogomo says:

    Waiting is a terrible mistake for so many things. How many times have I heard women say they are waiting to buy clothes until they lose weight. We need to act now in so many avenues of our life!!

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