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7 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From 2020

Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From 2020

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” – Marine slogan What a year! We have heard from friends and family how happy they will be to see the year 2020 in their rearview mirror. Can’t argue with that.Yet, in my opinion, 2020 brought us great lessons, from which we can benefit. Solid Plans Often […]

Top 10 Questions And Answers About Medical Tourism

top 10 questions about medical tourism

From Retirement and Travel Expert, Akaisha Kaderli Let’s face it, Medical Tourism is definitely a hot topic. Rising health care costs in the United States force some of us to look ‘elsewhere’ for medical procedures. The CDC Reports: “”Medical tourism” refers to traveling to another country for medical care. It’s estimated that thousands of US […]

8 Steps To Ensure Retirement Is In Your Future

pperfect time for retirement

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli The perfect time for retirement doesn’t exist. This is what we have learned in our almost three decades of financial independence. Things change, and sometimes radically. There simply are no guarantees. Flexibility Is Key: From our point of view, a full and rich retirement is still possible for many people right now. […]

What We Should Know During An Economic Crisis

Money Kuel Category Expert: Joy Alford-Brand As we exit the month of June, the saga of the Coronavirus continues to unfold, physically and economically. I’m hearing reports that many people have begun dipping into their retirement accounts to bridge the gap of lost income.  This is due to the rule in the recently passed CARES […]

How (NOT) to Fail at Early Retirement


Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli First, let me say Billy and I don’t really use the word “fail.” We believe every situation offers learning opportunities and calling that experience a failure just doesn’t jibe with who we are. In our lives, we want to move forward with the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained – not benchmark it […]

When Should You Leave? – Becky Kueker

Retirement Kuel Category Expert: Becky Kueker “There is a trick to a graceful exit. It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over – and to let go.” – Ellen GoodmanRetirment Kuel Category Expert: Becky Kueker I am not exactly sure when I personally decided to […]

How To Create A Pension For "Average" Annie

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli Annie is 65 years old and has as little as $200K Savings Chart of average retirement savings by age I know many of our readers are not “average.” However, if “Average” Annie can support her retirement on as little as $200,000 savings, imagine what you can do with the amount you […]

Make Retirement A Lifestyle Not A Vacation

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli Ever wonder how it was for us in the beginning of living life without a paycheck?  In 1991, we understood that we were retiring with the idea that we would not be returning to work. If we had to, we would, but it was not part of the plan. We were not […]

Retirement Is Not Rocket Science!

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli Getting your house in order for retirement or financial independence is not that difficult. Many investment professionals, journalists, and commentators seem to complicate the issue to the point that even we can’t understand it. Safe withdrawal rates, stocks, bonds, balanced funds, commodities, options, laddered portfolios, annuities, offshore accounts, hedge funds … […]

9 Ways Women Can Get Out Of Debt In Retirement

Guest Blogger: Patricia Sanders Across all age groups, women find it extremely difficult to save for retirement. The reasons are many. Most women lose the chance to contribute to a retirement plan as they take time off to raise children or care for aged members in the family. In addition, they earn less than men […]