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Learning to Rest and Refuel

Pamela Weinberg Feb 2020

Have you ever lost sight of why you started your business or your career and what it is that you actually want for yourself?

Do you ever look around for inspiration and motivation only to get more confused? I’ve been there. In the past, I’ve gone through multiple periods where I’ve asked myself “what do I really want”, because it seems like I’ve lost sight or couldn’t see my path as clearly as I once did. I think when you feel like this, it’s important to remember to pause, or as a colleague of mine says “to hit the pause button”.

Rest Not Quit

“The everyday routine can become repetitive”

There’s a great saying “When you’re tired or uninspired, learn to rest, not quit”. The everyday routine can become repetitive and it’s easy to fall into a lull and get the blahs.

If this is you today, honor where you are. Take the time to read a book, go for a walk, declutter your space, unfollow people who are not bringing happiness into your life, or meet a friend for drinks or coffee.  Take the time to fill your cup back up. A shift in perspective is simply refreshing and sometimes all you need to fall back in love with your current situation. Sometimes along your walk, you can get the inspiration you lack. Even though creating art is not a part of my work, I have found that a visit to an art museum has inspired me in my business. Experiencing something outside of the quotidian can add a new perspective just when you need one the most.

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About the Author:

Pamela is a Career Coach and Personal Branding Strategist working with a multitude of populations ranging from students and alumni; to professional organizations and corporations; to women in transition. Helping clients build their personal brands to become the stand out candidate or professional in their chosen field is what she does best. She provides a wide range of services for clients including: resume and LinkedIn profile development; social media training; interview preparation and job search techniques. With a niche in personal branding she frequently presents to colleges, universities, corporations, professional organizations and non-profits. Want to learn more about Pam? Reach out to her at [email protected].

Re-posted with permission from Pamela Weinberg’s site.