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What 2 Things Do You Need In Your 50’s?… Strength & Flexibility!

Guest Blogger: Elaine Reynolds I could hardly walk for 2 days after my first yoga class, over 20 years ago. I was in my early 30’s and had been a gym junkie for years. Yoga? What’s all the hooo-haaaa about. I’m strong and fit – I can do this…….no problem! Did I leave my ego […]

What If? – The Power Of Words; Part Three

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli Many of us don’t realize that the mind is an obedient companion and it looks for direction. The purpose of The Power of Words thread is to help you “manage your perception” so that your experience of Life is more supportive, more FUN and less stress-full. You will find that being […]

What's Your Wellness Worth?

Guest Blogger and Kuel Coach: Carin Aichele Everyday I talk with people who want more wellness. They want to eat less sugar, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, lose some weight, or simply feel better. There are others who want less stress, to cope with anxiety, to increase their self-esteem, to feel happier, enjoy their […]

Open; The Power Of Words – Part Two

Guest Blogger: Akaisha Kaderli OPEN is a GREAT word to work with, and another one which will change your life. If you have followed the thread about the Power of the word FUN!, you will realize that your mind will look for what you program it to find. In our day-to-day lives, we are bombarded with […]

Age Is Just A Number; Right!?!

Guest Blogger: Sixty And The City How’s about NO? Remember when you were a kid? Your birthday was anticipated and greeted with pure unadulterated joy. Now, for sure aging is a gift and hell of a lot better than the alternative; but one notices a real shift when one hits 60. The first time your […]