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Don’t You Dare Give Up On Your Dream – Liz, 60

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I met Dr. Liz Welch this past October and was instantly taken with her positive attitude and commitment to improve the health of others. Liz has been a chiropractor for most of her adult life and now, at 60, is braving the new frontier of entrepreneurship.

Who doesn’t admire that? And, once again, we in the Kuel Life community are shown that it is NEVER too late to follow our passions and dreams.

I am proud to say; Dr. Liz Welch is my week 18: ‘Share Your Story; the Women the WSJ Missed’ series.

KUELLIFE: What are you pursuing now, at this stage of your life, that surprises  you or might appear to others as if it comes out of left field?

LIZ: I have been a Chiropractor in private practice for past 33 years. I have practiced natural healthcare with my husband and partner Allan. This year I have gone full time into my PostureFit business. PostureFit is a posture based product that I’ve developed and patented to help people improve their posture. I have also developed a method of exercise to do daily to improve muscle memory for your best posture.

KUELLIFE: What’s a typical day like for you?

LIZ: I am an early riser so I go into the office and work my strategy for PostureFit. This is a completely different kind of business than what I have done my entire adult life. This is a product based business and I have never done social media. I do daily training on some form of social media, I spend time opening doors for speaking engagements or any place I can get in front of people to share this health message and to learn how to scale my business. Since PostureFit is a fitness workout, I typically get a workout in 4 times per week. The workout sessions are 30-40 minutes. I do food shop almost daily. Since its just my husband and myself, I like to buy fresh each day since its so convenient for me. We cook most evenings.

KUELLIFE: With what do you struggle?

“My biggest struggle now is understanding how to scale a product based business. “

LIZ: My biggest struggle now is understanding how to scale a product based business. Just this morning I looked on social media and saw a posture product that basically gives you a ‘shock’ in the upper back if you slouch. It was a sponsored product with so many thousands of viewers. My product can achieve the same results yet more permanent but it’s not based on a electrical shock, but in doing the exercises to build muscle memory for a better, healthier life. I still have a lot of learning to do in the marketing department of building this company.

KUELLIFE: How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

LIZ: My best motivation is to pick up one of my PostureFit Bars and start exercising with it. It truly makes me happy. I think of the 33 years I’ve served my patients with natural Chiropractic care, nutrition and lifestyle habits and this PostureFit device had I had it from the beginning would have been an amazing tool to compliment the care and reach the health goals that my patients have wanted to achieve. For example: The patients who struggle with Forward Head Posture, The PostureFit bar specifically fixes that condition so the arthritis that comes from having that condition could have been avoided. So it excites me moving forward to educate and teach the correct forms of PostureFit for better health

KUELLIFE: What advice would you give fellow women about aging?

LIZ: My advice would be to put your attention on the things you love and you’ll never get down about aging. Everyday is a gift. Clearly lifestyle habits like hydration, clean eating, healthy sleep habits, good skin care, a joy filled mindset and the PostureFit lifestyle all factor in to better aging. Slouching ages people ten to twenty plus years

KUELLIFE: What does vulnerability mean to you? What has the ability to make you vulnerable?

“Always keeping true to your words is what I strive to live by.”

LIZ: It means getting honest with yourself and others. Always keeping true to your words is what I strive to live by. I have a very busy brain so occasionally I can let someone down and that is painful for me. I like to pick people up not let them down.

KUELLIFE: What are three events that helped to shape your life?

LIZ: Cross country journey with best girl friend after high school, Graduating from Chiropractic College and the privilege of mothering my twins

KUELLIFE: Who influenced you the most in life and why?

LIZ: My grandpa had a big impact on me as he always would share quotes out of Norman Vincent Peales books that I held close to my heart. My mother; because she is truly the kindest person I’ve ever known. Next, I think I would have to say my twins. My desire for them to love the Lord and be great people, day in and out, puts me on a daily platform of living the example – for the passion in our heart in teaching our children.

KUELLIFE: What is the best advice you’ve been given from another woman?

LIZ: Don’t you dare give up on your dream!

KUELLIFE: What woman inspires you and why?

LIZ: Mother Therese: To be gentle with Gods grace and yet have a fire in your heart.

KUELLIFE: Are you grown-up?

LIZ: I am.

KUELLIFE: What do you do for self-care?

LIZ: In addition to what I stated about, my self-care includes peaceful moments alone, reading God’s truth and loving on friends and family

KUELLIFE: And last but definitely NOT least: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

LIZ: To scale my PostureFit Company; take my parents on a cross country journey over a couple months; and to continue to enjoy this season of my life in great health and with great energy.

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