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Patriotism Be Damned! Drink Tea; Reduce Risk Of Dementia


I never gave it much thought as to why we, as a country (US), drink far less tea than other nations.

“People who drank 3-4 cups were 26% less likely to come down with memory problems.”

Follow-Up To Detect Dementia:

I guess the British Tea Act and Boston Tea Party really has a lingering effect. But, as Anna Lamnari’s blog suggests maybe it is time to ‘get over it (it’s been over 230 years) and reap the rewards.

13,645 people from Miyagi Prefecture, Japan that was 65 years and older were followed over the course of 6 years. The researchers administered a memory test at baseline and then at the follow-up to detect dementia. The group was separated and analyzed according to their tea-drinking habits(green, oolong and black). As well as the amount of tea they drank.

What was discovered?

“The risk of developing dementia was significantly lower in green tea group. People who drank 3-4 cups were 26% less likely to come down with memory problems. In the group who drank over 5 cups of tea, the risk was reduced by 40%. For black and oolong tea there was some, but much weaker association, which did not reach clinical significance.” – Anna Lamnari, MD

Seems clear enough to me. Personally, I plan on increasing my consumption of green tea. The blog below further explains not only the benefits of green tea. But also makes suggestions and recommendations for which type and how best to brew.

Click here for the full article.

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