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Toned in 20 Thursday: The Reverse Lunge with Elaine Reynolds

While the reverse lunge may seem simple, it is essential to get the form right. Incorrect form can cause knee problems. This week, Kuel Life Master Trainer Elaine Reynolds shows us how to execute the reverse lunge. It’s this week’s Toned in 20. Just because Elaine lives in Bali does not mean you miss out. […]

4 Easy To Do At Home Exercises Using Your Lebert Bars

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our workout routine. These Lebert Equalizer bars add a different component and are fun to play around with. They also help you put less pressure on joints, like shoulders and knees, if you have issues or discomfort. There are LOTS of great exercises you can do with […]

An Easy Way To Kick-Start Your At Home Exercise Routine

I recently discovered these Lebert Equalizer Bars through our Kuel Coach, Risa Lynch. After poking around and researching them, I felt compelled to share them with our Kuel Community. If you don’t already know, Lebert EQualizer® originally was designed by Marc Lebert for one of his in-home PT clients to help her master pull-ups. The “EQ” […]

Over 50? Try These Strength Building Moves From Chris Freytag

Chris Freytag is one of our favorite fitness gurus. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, we highly recommend it. Here she shares a few, fairly easy ways, to incorporate weight bearing exercises into your routine. View this post on Instagram These are awesome strength training movements for women over 50! Well actually – […]

A Great Way To Work Your Glutes!

Master trainer, Elaine, from CoreStrength50Plus, shares with all us KUEL women a really amazing way to strengthen and tighten our glute (butt) muscles. She is showing the exercise here with a Freeform Board and is using a combination of a side and diagonal lunge. If you don’t have a Freeform Board, she suggests using a […]

How To 'Lean-Up' Quickly For Special Occasion

Have a special occasion on the horizon? Want to ‘lean up’ a bit beforehand? Master trainer, Elaine, from CoreStrength50Plus, talks to all KUEL women about how we might be able to attain that short-term goal. Here she describes a way to split our exercise into two sessions: strength training in the morning to ignite our metabolism […]

10-Minute Outdoor Workout With Chris Freytag

We, at Kuel Life, love following Chris’ Instagram and check-in on her website (Get Healthy U) for exercise inspiration. If you are lucky enough to be experiencing cooler, crisper Fall temperatures, this 10-Minute Workout is awesome. You can make it part of a longer walk if you’d like. I think it would be fun to […]

How To Tone And Strengthen Your Arms

Kuel Life coach Elaine, CoreStrength50Plus, demonstrates a fantastic back of the arm toning move using a roller. A lot of us suffer from loss of muscle mass and loosening of the back’s of our arms. We, at Kuel Life, have been showcasing a few fabulous ways to incorporate tricep focused exercises into our daily regiment. Risa […]

Bye Bye Floppy Arms – Risa Lynch

Kuel Life is happy to deliver Risa’s Fourth Video, in her four-part series, to help us tone and firm up the back’s of our arms. Watch the First, Second, and Third and put all the movements together to achieve a very effective routine. As we age, we lose muscle tone and our triceps can start […]