3 Steps To Financial Security Every Woman Should Know

financial security for women

Finances &  Divorce Thought Leader: Jo Ousterhout It’s spring! And a perfect time to assess any areas of your life that you feel need addressing, including your finances.   This month’s […]

How Childhood Trauma Affects Our Relationship With Money And What To Do About It

relationship with money

Money Thought Leader: Karen McAllister A well-dressed, articulate, confident lady called Leticia, South-East Asian by heritage, sat down in my office and began. Relationship With Money: “Growing up feeling plagued […]

Navigating A Divorce? Get Professional Financial Help

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Finances Divorce Expert: Jo Ousterhout If you’re contemplating divorce, you probably know you need a divorce attorney. Providing Expert Advice: Life is complicated, and divorce makes it more so. In […]