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Lead Magnets You Should Be Using

Lead Magnets You Should Be Using Kuel Chiefs Host: Jack Perez, Founder/CEO, Kuel Life Guest: Regina Gulbinas, Aired: Thursday, September 12, 2019 This Kuel Chief Episode focuses on all the WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS in the Kuel Life Community. Business strategist, Regina Gulbinas joins me to chat about email lists, their importance, and the what/why/how of creating […]

Facing The Successes And Failures With Gratitude

Tin Marin’s, Marina Laparte, is passionate about helping women artisans in Mexico. I discovered her brand about six months ago and fell in love with her handbags and her mission. I saw complete alignment with Kuel Life and our commitment to empower women-owned businesses. When you buy a Tin Marin bag from the Kuel Shop, […]

Sexy Sunscreen – Lily Lark

Lily Lark’s, Lisa Selwitz, is a particularly special Kuel Chief in my eyes. She not only took a big leap of faith with Kuel Life – from the beginning; she also has provided on-going advice, support, and encouragement. She does more than pay lip service to the notion that we women are stronger together than […]

From Lemonade To Tea; I Was Born An Entrepreneur

Kuel Life is committed to supporting and promoting women in midlife. In our Kuel Chiefs series, we will be meeting and getting to know our very own Kuel Shop collaborators. Molly McKinley, from Intentionaliteas, has graciously agreed to dive into the deep end with me. She has bravely gone ‘first’; and we couldn’t be more […]