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Increase Your Food Self-Confidence

Barbara Katz June 2023

Permanent Weight Loss: Dr. Barbara L Katz

I yo-yo dieted for almost 50 years.

Your Ability To Succeed:

It wasn’t until I was divorced in my 60s that I learned how to lose weight for the last time. I love sharing knowledge of how to change your thoughts because most diets don’t teach this. And I want to help you stop gaining and losing weight – permanently.

Do you believe that it’s possible to lose weight permanently when you’ve previously (perhaps many times) tried and failed? The good news is that your past results will not affect your ability to succeed! By eliminating your “diet mentality” -– the idea that you can only eat certain foods and must avoid and restrict many others – and learning how to think differently about food, you can permanently lose your excess weight.

“When you love your body, you want to treat it well, make better food choices, and are less likely to overeat.”

First, recognize and respond to your hunger signals by eating only when you’re hungry (not eating for emotional reasons). Second, then stop eating when you’re satisfied – but not stuffed. These two steps makes It much easier to reach and stay at your optimal weight. When you love your body, you want to treat it well, make better food choices, and are less likely to overeat.

You Eat When You’re Not Hungry:

When you can manage cravings and emotions without food, it is much easier to reach and stay at a healthy weight. If you frequently eat out of boredom or for comfort, reward, or stress relief, the foods you eat cause your brain to release dopamine (the “feel-good hormone”), which causes brief, pleasurable feelings. 

However, you do not fully feel or process your emotions when dopamine is released. Negative emotions, like anger, loneliness, worry, or unhappiness, usually return if not fully processed. When you become used to eating to avoid feeling your emotions (a.k.a. “buffering”), you overeat because you eat when you’re not hungry. Frequent overeating causes weight gain.

When you think about food as fuel that helps your body function optimally rather than as something to make you feel better, you eat more healthfully while allowing yourself to feel all your emotions. Allowing yourself to feel all emotions helps you learn not to be afraid of your feelings. So you become stronger and more resilient.

Pay attention to what happens when you feel bored, sad, angry, lonely, or stressed. How long does your desire to eat last? For most people, that desire only lasts several minutes. You will become emotionally stronger and more confident by allowing yourself to feel emotions without eating to numb them.

“These small changes will help you achieve permanent weight loss.”

Small Changes Make A Difference In Your Self-Confidence: 

If you frequently go out to eat or enjoy potlucks to connect with friends, try to find other ways to spend some of your time together. You can take walks, exercise, go out dancing, or do a hobby instead of eating. Your friends might enjoy doing new activities as well. 

When you make a daily food plan and then follow that plan, your self-confidence will increase. When you trust yourself to do what you say you will (such as eating what you plan to eat), you will make better choices in your diet and all areas of your life. And when you are confident that you can rely on yourself rather than on food or other buffers to handle your emotions, you become stronger and more resilient.

Start To Increase Your Self-Confidence:

Start to increase your self-confidence by making small changes. Leave a bite or two on your plate at dinner, only eat dessert twice this week, drink six cups of water, or don’t take seconds. Once these small changes become easy, make other changes. These small changes will help you achieve permanent weight loss. 

Eventually, you’ll lose excess weight by eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’ve eaten enough food to feel satisfied but not stuffed or uncomfortable. You’ll eat intentionally – for hunger –  and do much less emotional eating. Your body will reach its natural weight. And you’ll become more self-confident because you will know that you can trust yourself to do what you say you will do.

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Barbara Katz

About the Author:

Dr. Barbara L Katz is a physician, an Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach and a Life Coach for women over 50. She is CEO of Dr Barbara L Katz, Coaching and specializes in helping women over 50 to lose their excess weight for the last time without dieting or excessive exercise. She, herself, lost over 40 pounds in her 60s with the help of coaching.

In her free time, she participates in dog obedience, agility, and therapy dog visits to the local children’s hospital with her 2 pugs.

For help with increasing your self-confidence, or losing weight permanently, schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation with Barbara at: https://calendly.com/coachbarbarakatz/60min. If you’d like a free copy of “How to Handle Urges” , you can request it on her website. You can find her, as well as subscribe to her weekly posts about weight loss, at: Dr. Barbara L Katz Coaching.