The Midlife Woman’s Pleasure Principle

Midlife Woman's Pleasure Principle

Midlife Pleasure: Ania Grimone For generations, women have been influenced by a sex-negative culture. “Pop culture portrays midlife sex mostly as a joke.” Sex And Culture: Conflicting messages from religions, […]

Let’s Talk About Sex & Pleasure, Meet Ania Grimone

ania grimone interview

Sex and pleasure are critical components to a long, healthy, happy life. Kuel Life is pleased to welcome Ania Grimone to the roster of Thought Leaders. Grimone is a clinician of […]

Lover, I Want You To Be Soft, But I Also Want You Hard

I Want You To Be Soft, But I Also Want You Hard

Sexuality Expert: Beth Keil  I hear women wish their partner/lover was more sensitive, respectful, and considerate to their needs, but… Why Are We Still Attracted To The Bad Boy And […]

Pleasure Alchemy: Yes, Giving & Receiving Pleasure Is Our Birthright

Pleasure Alchemy

Sex Alchemist Kuel Category Expert: Ronda Ray Hello Kuel Life readers! “So much of what we will walk through is the untangling of shame around pleasure, eroticism, and sex.” I […]