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The Gift Of Prioritizing You This Holiday

Gift to yourself this Holiday Season

Ageless Adventures: Wendy Deacon

It’s never been easy for me, and maybe you can identify, but especially during the holiday season, it can be even more difficult to get it all done and keep up healthy personal habits.

Give You The Gift Of Time:

There is so much more to do this time of year with family and friends and many traditions to enjoy, but it is also a good time to remind you that you are a priority and to give you the gift of time.

I love the cookies and social gatherings and I don’t want to miss anything so I have to find any opportunity to control what I can in trying to stay out of my fat pants – or worse, to grow out of them! I would absolutely love to not have to get out of my warm bed on a cold morning to go walk, run or get into the gym, but I have to prioritize my health and do what I can to manage all these delicious treats this time of year.  

“Trying to stay active and eat healthy are all something I have to do daily to keep up with what I want to do.”

Even on those days when I’m still not wanting to go, I find inspiration from the amazing community of badass women. It helps me kick it up a notch. I think it makes such a difference to surround yourself with the right people and find a group of incredible women to meet up with. Meet with friends and catch up while taking a walk. Find someone at your job or during time at a fitness class, etc. Having a buddy and a date to meet on those days I want to stay home keeps me honest and helps me honor my commitment to myself.

Spend A Little Time Each Day On You This Holiday Season:

Trying to stay active and eat healthy are all something I have to do daily to keep up with what I want to do – to be ready for that next adventure. I still want to get out on my bike. I still want to get better at skiing. And, I want to snowboard a bit longer. I still want to get out on a hiking trail in the Italian Dolomites or the Swiss Alps. And much, much more!

I hope you can spend a little time each day this holiday season to share time with women that support you and help you focus on you. It’s important to focus daily on getting in some activity or movement, no matter how little, or try to have one cookie instead of five. This will ensure you keep up your physical, mental, and emotional health. Take time to recharge your batteries and then truly soak up the wonderful new memories with family and friends this holiday.

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About The Author:

Wendy started DestinationU in 2019 and through her community and platform, she is a champion for aging adventurously. She is on a mission to resource and empower women over 40 to reimagine what’s possible and live with way more adventure, fun & fulfillment.  

Wendy had a successful career, but after a series of personal life changes, she decided it was time for a seismic shift to create something much more personally fulfilling. She authored several books, started building the DestinationU community and started setting up and leading more customized group adventure trips.  

She previously spent 20 years in preventive health as a national non-profit leader, international speaker and world class athlete but she still wanted more. Wendy was increasingly focused on intentional and experiential living with healthy aging and she met many women like her on the same journey. A whole new world opened up.