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Toned in 20 Thursday – Muscle Mass

You can change YOUR body at ANY age! Losing muscle mass after 50 is not a given. Kuel Life’s Fitness Expert, Elaine Reynolds gives us three ways in which we can grow, keep, or get back our muscle mass. What should we do? Lift heavier weights, do light weights with small isometric movements, and body […]

What 2 Things Do You Need In Your 50’s?… Strength & Flexibility!

Guest Blogger: Elaine Reynolds I could hardly walk for 2 days after my first yoga class, over 20 years ago. I was in my early 30’s and had been a gym junkie for years. Yoga? What’s all the hooo-haaaa about. I’m strong and fit – I can do this…….no problem! Did I leave my ego […]

Over 50? Try These Strength Building Moves From Chris Freytag

Chris Freytag is one of our favorite fitness gurus. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, we highly recommend it. Here she shares a few, fairly easy ways, to incorporate weight bearing exercises into your routine. View this post on Instagram These are awesome strength training movements for women over 50! Well actually – […]

Bye Bye Floppy Arms – Risa Lynch

Kuel Life is happy to deliver Risa’s Fourth Video, in her four-part series, to help us tone and firm up the back’s of our arms. Watch the First, Second, and Third and put all the movements together to achieve a very effective routine. As we age, we lose muscle tone and our triceps can start […]

Bat Wings Be Gone: Triceps – Risa Lynch

Here, Risa Lynch, provides a follow-up to her first ‘tone up our arms’ video. Sometimes when we begin weight training we forget our triceps – or they end up being an afterthought. Triceps are a very important muscle. Strong triceps are necessary for all pushing and some pulling movements (particularly if your arms are close […]

4 Moves For A Stronger, Lower Back

Chris Freytag, Owner of Get Healthy U TV posted this workout on Instagram. We think it’s a wonderful addition to all the Kuel Women out there and Chris agreed. For more of Chris’ fabulous workouts – some as quick, simple, and effective as this one check her our on Get Health U TV. Try these 4 […]

Women Who Changed The World

Today is International Women’s Day, #IWD2018!  Let’s take a moment and celebrate the 48 women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2017. This is a very impressive list – thanks to Nobel Prize for the opportunity to share. Happy International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating the women who have changed the world. Here’s all […]

Strength Training is Key to Long-term Health; Even For Runners!

‘Cardio is King’ days are over. Especially for women 45 and older. Strength training is essential in maintaining bone density and muscle mass – both, of which, are key to long-term healthy bodies. If you’re a runner and believe that strength training will bulk you up and slow you down; think again. Injury prevention and […]