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Living The National Geographic Lifestyle – Akaisha, 65

Akaisha Kaderli retired at the age of 38. She and her husband, Billy, are recognized retirement experts and internationally published authors on topics of finance, world travel and medical tourism. We at Kuel Life are thrilled to have Akaisha as a Guest Blogger.  There is power in story telling. There is power in community. There is […]

Slip Slidin’ Away – Chugchilan, Ecuador

Guest Writer: Akaisha Kaderli We were stuck. At 12,320 feet on a cloud-obscured road, with visibility close to nothing, in the Ecuadorian Andes, our bus could not get traction.  – We had already been slippin’, slidin’ and fishtailing. At five AM, daylight was not due for a full 47 minutes. I looked around. Everywhere nodding heads were […]

Fly With Her AnyWhere

Holy Cow! We’d be remiss not to showcase this badass Kuel Woman in Women Who Inspire. Tammie Jo Shults was piloting Southwest flight 1380 when the 737 lost an engine and part of the aircraft. What followed, for what probably seemed like an eternity, was nothing short of amazing. As expected, inside the cabin chaos […]

Rising Above Prejudices; Gandhi Inspires Her Nation

Sonia Gandhi Sonia Gandhi serves in one of the highest office’s in the world in the most populous democratic nation. She is the President of the Indian National Congress and leader of the United Progressive Alliance (the ruling party in the lower house of India’s Parliament). Gandhi, actually, turned down the office of Prime Minister […]

Why You Should Plank, Every Day

We keep hearing about the importance of weight bearing exercises, in particular, as we age. The popularity of bodyweight exercises is rapidly gaining. Why, you might wonder? There is practicality and ease in using what you already own and carry around with you, YOU! Maintaining a strong and healthy core is essential. These series of […]