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Bye Bye Floppy Arms – Risa Lynch

Kuel Life is happy to deliver Risa’s Fourth Video, in her four-part series, to help us tone and firm up the back’s of our arms. Watch the First, Second, and Third and put all the movements together to achieve a very effective routine. As we age, we lose muscle tone and our triceps can start […]

Risa Lynch – The Pursuit of Toned Arms Continues

We continue our pursuit for firm and toned arms with Kuel Life Coach, Risa. This is Risa’s third video highlighting another movement we can incorporate into our weight-bearing routines. Tri-ceps, or what we know as the back-side of our arms, don’t have to jiggle – if we don’t want them to. In this video, Risa, […]

Bat Wings Be Gone: Triceps – Risa Lynch

Here, Risa Lynch, provides a follow-up to her first ‘tone up our arms’ video. Sometimes when we begin weight training we forget our triceps – or they end up being an afterthought. Triceps are a very important muscle. Strong triceps are necessary for all pushing and some pulling movements (particularly if your arms are close […]

4 Tips to Resolve Your Fitness Challenge

Guest Blogger: Eva Forde Setting, and achieving, fitness challenges are tough. After all, you’re making your body change its internal structure and adapt, which isn’t easy for even the most hard-core athletes. Setting yourself up for success is the key to crushing your fitness goals, and it can be as simple as four tips and […]

Chris Freytag Helps Kuel Women Perfect The Push-Up

I follow Chris Freytag on Instagram and love her quick, educational, exercise videos. Chris Freytag is the brilliance behind Get Healthy U. Check out her wealth of knowledge at Get Healthy U. A post shared by Chris Freytag-Get Healthy U (@chrisfreytag) on Jun 14, 2018 at 5:00am PDT I hear it all the time… “it […]

Desk Sitting? No Excuses; Here's Your Guide To Deskercise!

A sedentary lifestyle, we already know, is unhealthy. Sitting has been branded the “new smoking” leading to increased public health risks, especially for people with sit-down office jobs. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and yes; even depression have all been linked to a lack of physical movement. Everywhere you look, the media is consistently warning us to […]

Why You Should Plank, Every Day

We keep hearing about the importance of weight bearing exercises, in particular, as we age. The popularity of bodyweight exercises is rapidly gaining. Why, you might wonder? There is practicality and ease in using what you already own and carry around with you, YOU! Maintaining a strong and healthy core is essential. These series of […]

Busy? Take 7 Minutes; Improve Your Health – NOW!

Chris Freytag, Owner of Get Healthy U TV does it again. Fantastic, heart raising, kickboxing workout in seven minutes. No equipment; no fuss. Just stand up and start moving. Her smile and attitude is highly motivational as well. Thrilled she is generous to let us share her workouts with all Kuel Women. For more of […]