So You Want To Change The (Your) World


This program is for you if you want to make a life change, live more boldly and aspire to make an impact in the world! Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of what direction to go to make that change?

You want to take the leap but time, money, or fear keep you stuck in the same job, the same relationship, the same place. Is Adventure calling you? And is the voice inside telling you it’s not safe, it won’t work out, it’s not the right thing…you know that voice, I know that voice. You know you have something special to share and you long to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized for the unique gift that is you. You want to be part of a changing world!

I was you. I had a sweet little architecture firm and a nice little home close to my family and long-time friends…Sometimes, I even thought I had it all…but the voice that kept asking me to do something different, to touch more people, to give myself in a way that I never imagined, was relentless. I tried resisting the voice and the result was a deep sense of missing out on the possibility of my own life. When I finally took the leap, I drove away in my RV with intention to be free, to travel, to engage with people, to be creative, to write, to take photos, to impact lives. I set out to live with curiosity & wonder, to play unabashedly, and to see the divine in everyone. I know how it feels to call my own shots, to be free, and to pinch myself everyday to make sure that yep, this is MY big, bold, audacious and exciting life!

And NOW, it’s your turn!  

I believe that you can make your unique difference, that you are worthy of the financial abundance you hope for, and that your life should be bold, passionate and purposeful!

I am a change agent: I help people who are ready to change the world; be it their personal world, their community, or the global world. I help people who want to make a difference and have an optimistic, peaceful impact. I help people who want freedom! ~ Freedom to share their authentic self and make the impact that is uniquely yours. I help you fall in love with the gift you are meant to share.

With the Change Program you will:

  • Explore and Discover the foundational motivation and essence of the specific change you desire to make
  • Imagine all of the possibilities for the impact you want to make
  • Implement strategies and tools to overcome your blocks to success
  • Create a plan to take specific (SMART) steps toward the changes or impact you want to make
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Be accountable to your deepest self and the passionate impulses that are calling you
  • Be Inspired and Empowered
  • Have my 100% support!

Are you ready to:

Get crystal clear about the impact you want to make?

Overcome the obstacles in your way?

Create a detailed and specific action plan to reach your goal?

Celebrate your success?

Live Boldly and feel Free?

Be the change?


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